Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Food at My Door Step

What a crazy busy week! I haven't been a great blogger this week, last night Ben and I were at the church where we are getting married (we are members of another parish) to meet with the priest and another couple in preps for impending nuptials. It was a nice get together, and has me feeling even more prepared for our wedding, as planning out a Catholic service to a tee, can be a bit daunting (on that note, if you need to plan a Catholic wedding soon, I'm your gal, I've got it down pat now!) However, we didn't get home until after ten o'clock, and by that time I was too exhausted to blog and just wanted to flop down on the couch, cuddle with my two boys (the puppy and the man) and prep for the day ahead. Soooo, long story short, I had no time to blog yesterday, my apologies (who am I kidding, do you even really care?) =)

All of my posts lately, have been about food, and today is no different folks. Most of us who have to watch our figure have a love/hate relationship with food, and it's what fuels us! Anyway, did you know, that you can order food online?!?! Why has it never occurred to me before two weeks ago that you can?! While working out with a pal a few weeks back she informed me that she bought five pounds (yes pounds) of gummy cherries on Amazon, because she and another friend got to thinking, "why don't we see gummy cherries in the store anymore??"

How good do these look?? mmmm, Refined Sugar!!

Well, her Gummy Cherry adventure got me thinking about my new latest love, Sour Cream and Onion Pop Chips, for the love of your mother, are these things good-- and also hard to find! The only place I have found with this flavor, in a retail location, is Life Time Fitness in the Life Cafe. So, I went ahead and ordered a case online through (who coincidentally uses Amazon to buy and ship them). Let me tell you, the chips arrived quickly, all in great condition (i.e. not Pop Crumbs) and one snack size bag is a very satisfying 100 calories. Here's my lovely shipment!
Well, with Pop Chips arriving in such good order, I was ready to grocery shop online again. This time--VitaTops!! OMG, these are the most delicious things ever. Like Pop Chips, they're 100 Calories for a very satisfying serving. Even my picky finacee thinks they're great! With one of the VitaTops deals you could buy two dozen and get a half dozen free, so I did it, ordering: Triple Chocolate, Fudgey Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Mint. Not only are these satisfying for 100 Calories, they're down right delicious, and give you six grams of Fiber and three grams of Protein to boot! Check out the goodness!!

"My name is VitaTop, am I cake, or breakfast?? Both!"

**Please note, all the opinions on this blog are mine, I wasn't put up to this by Pop Chips or VitaTops, I just want you all to know what's great. If I hate something, I'll tell you that too.

Until next time...

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Missy said...

What fun to find food on your doorstep ;o) That would be wonderful!!