Friday, March 12, 2010

Restaurant Reviews: Rinata & Red Stag Supper Club

It's been a busy week for me as you can tell by my lack of entries. This week, I went to two locally owned restaurants with two different sets of great girl friends. (Disclaimer, I was a bad blogger and gobbled down all my food and forgot to take pictures of ANY of it-- sorry all!)

The first restaurant I went to was Rinata in Uptown. This place in fantastic. The three of us split the Risotto with chicken and artichoke hearts and the Blue Cheese stuffed Ravioli with pine nuts and red sauce. This was my third time dining at Rinata, and every time I am always left satisfied. Their dishes are great to split, or to take half home for left overs. They make all of their pasta in-house, and it shows in the quality. I have also eaten their Spaghetti and Meatball dish (pretty basic Italian), but there's is off the charts; the meatball literally melts in your mouth. Another plus about Rinata, is that there is free parking behind the restaurant. I highly recommend trying Rinata out, you can make a reservation on as well!

The second restaurant I embarked on this week was one I had never tried before, Red Stag Supper Club in Northeast Minneapolis. This is a very chill place, that would be great for dinner, or just to meet up for a drink, as they have a great bar atmosphere as well (check it out below).

While at Red Stag I really wanted to enjoy all of their menu, I started the night out with a great tasting Side Car Martini, my entree was a Six Ounce Flat Iron Steak with blue cheese crumbles and creamy sweet potatoes and steamed vegetables; for dessert (yes, I HAD to have dessert) I had their brown bottom Cream Brulee. The entree was great quality meat, and very tasty, I licked the plate clean, but in my opinion not worth the $26. The drinks and dessert were delicious and completely on price point. I will be back to this restaurant for sure, but I'm not raving about the way I do other places in the area.

I'm always look to try great locally owned restaurants in the area, if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

So, there you have it, I have spent my week eating. Therefore, I'll be spending my weekend running. =) Saturday, I'm planning a six mile training run and Sunday I'm running the St. Paul Irish Traditions 5K with Ann from Twelve in Twelve fame! I'm glad to be along for leg of her 12 5K's in 12 months journey, I'm sure she's starting to fall in love with running the same way I did two years ago when I began.

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Missy said...

I've heard of Red Stag supper club but never been and I'd never heard of Rinata! Both sound great - I'll have to give them a try. Thanks for the review!!