Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Life/Pregnancy Update

I figured it was a good time to update you all on the happenings in our world and my pregnancy.

I am feeling pretty good pregnancy wise. In the last month I've packed on more weight in a rapid way that I have in any other part of my pregnancy. Part of it may be that I was very stagnant for about a week when I had a sinus infection from my allergies that made it impossible to workout. With my lungs already crunched, and and then not having a nose to breath out of, it was really hard to do any exercise. We did one walk during that week after dinner for about a mile, and I had to stop half way and sit down on a park bench. I felt like such a slug! Glad to say, I've done a walk for a least 1.25 miles or more every day this week, and feel great again. I did some strength training on Monday that felt wonderful as well.

On the life front, I have been keeping up with my active little boy, who surprises me every day with the new things he's learned to say and do. Just this last week I asked if he wanted some yogurt and he said back, "little bit," for the first time. Also, during his fight of a diaper change one day he yelled out over and over again, "hey don't! hey don't!" which he has never said to me before.

He also hates wearing pants now that it's hotter out. I can't blame him, but you have to wear at least shorts buddy.

I've been working to make ahead food to freeze and eat when the new baby arrives. I have lofty goals on this front, and so far I have made ahead some Baked Ziti and Gluten Free Donuts. I made these Shredded Beef Enchiladas this week with the goal of freezing a batch, but the meat turned out awful, the crock pot completely dried it out. We ate the batch for dinner, but I wasn't going to use the leftover meat to make another set.

The other meals I'm planning to make ahead are:
I'm sure Ben will also grill out a lot the first month or so the new baby is here. That is his cooking specialty, and with it being summer, it will be easy enough for him to do, and something the whole family enjoys.

Recently, during a specific craving I had, Ben made flank steak tacos on the grill for us. They were amazing!

I topped them with cilantro and goat cheese, and I think chipotle mayo or chipotle sour cream would be great on top too. To marinate them, Ben bought the Wegmans Fajita Marinade, and had the meat soak in it for about an hour. If he would have had more time, I think marinading for a few more hours would have made them even better.

So there you have it, life right now. More updates to come as the summer develops!

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