Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I tried a not so healthy recipe this week that I had already tried once and it didn't turn out exactly right, so I had to give it a go again. It's these Creamy Lemon Crumb Squares from the Pioneer Women. They are delicious and addictive, especially when served about 20 minutes out of the oven!

The first time I made them, I didn't get the crust creamy enough, the butter was too chilled. So I let the stick of butter sit out all day to warm up before I used it this time, and also used my hands to kneed the dough, and that did the trick. Try them out, but be sure to have an event to take them too or something, you don't want these yummy suckers in the house for long!

I finally watched the Glee finale this past Sunday, all I can say is, WOW. It was so amazing; their Journey set was so great (not to mention I'm a huge Journey fan). Check it out here.
I do notice that their performances are heavier on the vocal side than the choreography side, but off camera most of the actors have admitted they're more singers than dancers. This is the former show choir geek talking in me. Want proof? Go to the last frame of this You Tube video and you'll see the curly haired, 17 year-old version of me.

I'm totally jealous of the volume of the all the girl's hair in this clip, I think they have to be using Bumpits!!
How else would you get that much volume?? Oh yeah, Hollywood hair stylists. Plus, their hair doesn't look as phony as a Bumpits does.


Mary said...

I LOVE the idea of these! You should give some bumpits away!!

Ruby Leigh said...

haha.. Look how miserable the girl looks in the before picture..., but with the bumpit ooo electric happieness!

Okay - full disclosure - totally tempted to buy a bumpit.