Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas List Favorites for 2015

I have been an all around slacker at blogging the last six weeks with no excuse, and especially getting out my yearly list! I've jotted down things on my phone when I see them (or left them hanging on our computers web browser for days...just to drop subtle hints), but I'm finally around to compiling them all together here! So here goes...

Five years post wedding gifts, and I need to replace my bamboo spoons from C and B. One broke, the other is on it's last leg, and I admit, I haven't kept them oiled up enough, but I love these utensils, and really want this set. It's affordable too, at $19.95!

This is a little self-serving to post, but I love this Jamberry Holiday Set. I love them all, but this one especially, and after using one for a raffle last week, I bought one for myself. I love the wraps, the polish is a beautiful color and the Nourish lotion smells great (and I'm not a smelly lotion person!).

I'm obsessed with these earrings. I love basic studs, and these put a little pop of pizazz on that. The teal ones are beautiful, but I think I'd get the most wear out of the silver ones. They were just 30% off at Nordstrom last week, so I'm hoping they'll go on sale again!

I really want to read the new Harper Lee novel, but know I'll never buy it for myself. And the holidays are the perfect time to ask the indulgent items you won't put on your list!

Remember when socks were a dreaded Christmas gift?? Boy was I a dumb kid, because good socks rule! As I've stated before, I loooooooove Smart Wool socks, and these Shea Socks from Bath and Body Works are a close second. They're so soft, and have grippers on the bottom. I love getting a pair in my stocking, and I love going to their big sale in January to buy the holiday varieties half off. =)

Starbucks Glitter Cold Cup
There must be a glitter theme for me this year, because I love this gold glitter cold cup from Starbucks. I don't see it on their website anymore, but I snapped this picture when I saw this in store and sent to my husband for a Christmas idea. I love cold cups with straws, and go through them all the time, helps my drinks not get spilled with the kids, and keeps them cold longer. This one is gliterry cute to boot!

Gift Cards

I am never opposed to gift cards; I think they're the best gift. Some people say they're a cold, or lame gift--to that I say, "no way!" It's shopping for free, and I love the choice of what I want, but forcing me to do something that I will enjoy, because let's face it, cash would go in savings, or towards a house project right now. So, gift cards are awesome!

This year, I'm all about gift cards to Stitch Fix, Target, Starbucks, Panera, Old Navy...the list could go on! But anywhere that makes my life more enjoyable, and gives my budget the ability to spend where I normally wouldn't be able to.

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