Saturday, February 27, 2010

Healthy Saturday!

Another beautiful day in Minnesota, I didn't even wear a jacket today, but instead sported this fun wrap I recently got from Nordstrom, I love it! It was perfect for running errands in this weather!

Before "wrapping" myself up, Ben and I did the American Lung Association "Race up the Place" this morning and climbed 30 floors (60 flights of stairs). This was Ben's first year participating and he RAN (yes, RAN) up the stairs and was second in our wave, holy crap! This was my second year, and I took it nice and steady, walking all the stairs, but feeling the burn in my chest and legs. Running in one thing, but let me tell you, climbing stairs is a whole other beast. I give a lot of credit to the ultimate climbers who climbed the stairs several times, or the fire fighters who climbed the stairs with their gear on! Below you can see how I was feeling after the race, compared to Ben, AKA Speedy.


After racing up the stairs, I raced home and got ready for the Prior Fat Girl and Future Prior Fat Girl blogger meet up in uptown, it was sooooo much fun!! The event was put together by Jen, who writes the blog Prior Fat Girl. Jen is an inspiring gal, check out her story, she has lost 90 pounds and kept it off, even through losing her mom suddenly this past year. Her blog is a must read, along with the other gals on her page, Lindsay and Amanda. All three of these great women spoke about their weight loss journeys and what they've accomplished, and whats ahead for them.

Jen in Action!

It was great to meet so many other strong women who work so hard to be healthy every day, I met a lot of new people, and also saw a familiar face, Sarah from Sarah Gets Healthy!

Isn't Sarah Fabulous?!

Sarah and I went to Journalism school together and were both officers in the Society of Professional Journalists as crazy college students who thought drinking beer and cocktails was A-OK, because we burned it off walking to class, riiiiight. Sarah, unlike me, is still pursuing her journalism dreams, and is a true health motivation, as she's lost 30 pounds over the past 14+ months, and kept it off! She is also running the Minneapolis Half Marathon, rock on!! She is also a dog-mom, so that makes me love her even more!

It was so great to meet so many fabulous ladies at the Prior Fat Girl meet up, and so many ambitious women, below are links to a few of the blogs mentioned today, if I somehow forgot yours, (and I know I didn't get everybody on here) add it in the comments and I'll be sure to follow.

PFG Bloggers:
Twelve in Twelve
Fit This Girl
The Broad Broad
A Fit and Spicy Life
The Life of this Stay at Home Mom
Losing my Behind
Hopes Journey to Healthy

**We went home with great bags of swag (as Michael Scott from "The Office" calls it, "Stuff We All Get") so thanks to the sponsors of this event, including: Smart Food, Popsicle, Fiber One, Funky Monkey, Mom's Best Naturals, Salba Smart, etc. I know I've missed some, but I will be sure to include reviews as I try out these awesomely healthy snacks!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Goodbye to the Fast

It's been a bitter sweet day at our house. Today, Ben got a new car, a 2010 Volkswagen CC. It's a beautiful car, and I'm so excited to FINALLY have a car with four doors!!

However, it's bittersweet to say good bye to Ben's GTI. That little go cart pulled up in front of my little, single woman loving life apartment on Hennepin Avenue in 2007 before we went to Figlio on our first dinner date (and now Figlio is gone too!). It took us on the first of our many Dairy Queen runs before we were even "official" on a sticky June night; and of course, it was the car we brought home our dear sweet Cooper in from Elk River, check out the baby this past Christmas in his sweater from Aunt Kathleena:

I hate to say it, but last night as Ben cleaned out the GTI, or the "fast" as he calls it, I sat and cried, big alligator tears. I'm a sucker for memories and emotional garb like this, I cried when he moved out of his house where he lived when he first met. I cried when I crashed my first CR-V, not only for insurance crap I was about to deal with, but all the memories in that car. And last night, Ben quickly tried to comfort me as I cried (probably just to get me to stop sobbing) saying, "Well, this could be the car we bring our first baby home in." Man, did that sober me up fast. Baby?? Baby?? I know that I'm usually the one in our relationship who talks babies (I LOVE telling Ben we're going to have four girls, just to watch him squirm), but the reality of having a real, human, baby to take care of, and that I'm at an age where it's socially acceptable is well, scary!

Which brings me to another subject, I shouldn't be surprised with Ben's baby mention. As the wedding gets closer, everyone and their brother seems to want to know whats going on with my freaking cycle. "Are you going to try for kids right away??" "Well, you're going to start looking for a house after you get married to get ready for kids, right?" And now with Ben's new car purchase and leaving the two door car phase of his life behind, we're getting the "oooooohhh, getting a four door car now, huh??!?!" Oh my goodness people, LAY OFF!! Do you realize what you're asking me?? You're asking me how I'm going to plan out my sex life for the next few years, seriously?!!? What if we didn't want kids? What if (God forbid) we were unable to have them?? I don't know if I really get offended by these questions, just taken aback, because as I said, I'm not at the age where people would think anymore I'm "so young" to be having a baby (and neither is the impending 33 year-old I'm marrying). Hopefully, just by bringing this up though, I'll be saving some other soon to be newlyweds, or people who have been married for several years, from this awkward conversation.

So, long story short, we're not trying for kids right away, and when I am pregnant, I'll let you know, because currently, I'm not ready for this:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wedding Hair

A quick post tonight, as I'm more than ready to hit the hay after a day at work, followed by a tough, yet awesome, class at the gym after work.

Here is my current dilemma, wedding hair. Men, you can click away now, because I'm sure most of you have lost interest, and it's not going to get much better for the rest of the post. I'm trying to find the "perfect" hair do for our wedding this summer, trying to keep in mind a few factors:
  1. The weather, it could be hot and humid, or rainy and windy, as the wedding is in June
  2. Wearing a veil, I want to wear one
  3. I'm not big into Updos
  4. I am NOT wearing a tiara
  5. My dress is a bit busy the way it is
Here's the thing, I have everything, and I mean EVERYTHING about our wedding planned to a tee. I have the agenda typed out to the minute for toasts, cake cutting, first dance, etc., however, this key, vital part of the wedding, I can't wrap my hands around; and of course, it's driving me insane. Will I ever see that perfect picture of a hair do and go, "aha, there it is!"

In my mind I picture a perfect not too curly, but with some waves, half updo, with the veil stuck in back that can easily be removed for reception.

So, this is why I'm blogging about this, I want YOUR help. Comment with your ideas, and if I pick your idea, I will assist you as a day of planner for your next big event (Up to 8 hours of service) using my Events By Alexa skills free of charge. I can't wait to see your ideas, I'm counting on you all!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kiss Me, I'm Italian

I don't have a lick of Irish in me (I'm German and Italian), I'm marrying a man who's Irish, but he's also got every other nationality under the sun mixed in there too (he's a mutt, plain and simple), but every year around this time I get super excited for one Irish Tradition, McDonald's Shamrock Shake!! What?! That's not an Irish tradition you say?!?!? If American Capitalism makes it an Irish Tradition, than it is in my book! Just as much a tradition as dying the river in Chicago green every year-- The Shamrock Shake is as Irish as it gets for me.

Anyway, I went to try and have my first Shamrock Shake while browsing the Red Box for movies at the one McDonald's about a week ago when they told me they didn't have them yet, WHAT?!?! I had heard declarations made by many of my facebook friends who get just as equally psyched about the Shamrock shake that it was back in full force, I was beyond disappointed, and went home with my $1 Red Box DVD, but no minty green ice cream goodness. This weekend, I found a McDonald's that did have the Shamrock Shake back in force, and enjoyed it immensely (see picture below).


If you've never had a Shamrock Shake, I say, check it out, it's so yummy-- and only available for a limited time! (McDonalds, I'd like my cut now).

Now, if you know me, I'm currently trying to lose a few extra pounds, so enjoying these Shamrocks shakes like they're going out of style (because they are) won't help in this quest. In fact, according to a small Shamrock Shake (which I had) has 416 calories, oofda! So, I won't be consuming a Shamrock Shake multiple times a week up until St. Patty's day (which, I can't believe I ever did that in the first place, think before you eat woman!), but I will be enjoying them as an occasional treat and thanking the Irish for creating a holiday that brings out the best in Mint Ice Cream!

Now, if only the McRib was available at the same time as the Shamrock Shake, I would have every artery clogging delicacy right at my finger tips! (Yes, I seriously do enjoy the McRib, thank you over night photographers at KWQC for exposing me to it)

I guess you could say my current manicure is a touch of the Irish too, but there's Green in the Italian flag too!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sundays Random Thoughts

Happy Sunday folks. What a beautiful past couple of days it has been in the Twin Cities, those of you not in the Midwest may not know just how good 30 degree days, and seeing a little melted snow feels, but damn, does it feel good!! Yesterday I got in a fabulous four-mile run with some of my running group, as I begin to train for the Minneapolis Half-Marathon. The event is put on by Team Ortho, a group I volunteer for. They put on great races, as I ran their Monster Dash as my first half-marathon last October and the proceeds of the race go to improving Orthopedic Health and Research!

In wedding deals, if you're getting married in the next six to nine months, I suggest registering at Crate and Barrel. This morning my friend Kelsey and I attended one of their "Wedding Parties" where they serve a delicious breakfast (read, cocktails), let you have the place to yourself to register and ask questions. There are other Wedding Parties going on in the near future, so check them out. The highlight of these wedding parties is the free gift they give you before you leave, but I have to say, ours was disappointing! Two heart-shaped champagne flutes, pretty puke inducing if you're not a hearts person like me. The thing is, these would be great, heavy duty champagne flutes, but the things are shaped like hearts, who is going to use those?! Not that I should complain for my free gift, but Crate and Barrel has some great items, and these look like they pulled them out of 1980's stock. I'll be sticking to these Kate Spade ones I registered for. On a positive note, I am very glad I (ahem... WE) registered at Crate and Barrel, and like I said, highly recommend it. Gives your friends and family the option of buying just a few of something, (like glasses, plates, etc.) because they sell them individually, if they don't want to shell out the dough for a whole set on their own.

Went and watched the Golden Gophers dominate Indiana last night at The Barn on campus, great seats!! Shout out to Ben's cousin Patrick for getting us these great 5th row seats (pictured below).

Go Gophers!!

March Madness is fast approaching, and if you must know one thing about me (OK, you must know two things, the first thing is I HATE bananas... more about that later) I LOVE filling out brackets and winning other peoples money during March madness. If I don't win at least one pool a year, it's a very bad year. Once Selection Sunday arrives, I'll be sure to post my picks and keep you updated on my progress in each pool (whether you want to hear it or not).

Also, I posted a link below, be sure to follow me on Twitter if you tweet (man does that sound ridiculous).

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Recipe Find

This is a go to recipe for me from Kraft, I will forget about it for months on end, and then, like I did this week, whip it up again and try to remember why I don't make it more often. It also makes great leftovers for work lunches. I made this recipe a lot when I was single because of the good leftovers, and now Ben loves it as well.
I hate mayo, so I use light sour cream instead. Also, for health, I add extra broccoli, use whole wheat pasta and the Light Cream Cheese (I think they're calling it "neufatel" instead or something these days). Try it out, let me know if you have similar thoughts!! (or find a way to make it better)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In the beginning...

I started a blog, AGAIN (read, college). Everyone has a blog now, everyone thinks that everyone else cares what they think, so here I am, part off the, "me, me, me, my parents told me I'm special," generation, creating a blog to document this "crazy" (it's really pretty average) life going on here. And here's what I can tell you about what this will all be about:
  1. This will NOT be a "I'm so domesticated, look we went to Applebees and put in a toilet, we're so happy being married (or soon to be) now" blog. However, we did put in a new toilet last year, and let me tell you, it runs great. According to the manufacturer it can take down 18 golf balls and still not plug, seriously, here is the video my fiancee used to convince me this expensive toilet was worth it, they throw a lot of crap (not real "crap") down it, check it out.
  2. There will be posts about my dog, he's adorable, get over it. (See included picture of him looking like an angel).
  3. I will talk about my wedding, and planning it, and how I love planning it, and what it takes to plan a fabulous wedding and not go completely broke.
  4. Starting my own business, slowly, but surely I'm rolling out Events by Alexa (shameless plug) with my fabulous webmaster Chris, he is a saint for working with me.
  5. I won't be talking about my day job, I spend enough of my life entranced in work speak, and I think it poor taste when people b*itch about their jobs on a public forum (there are so many facebook fails in reference to this, it's not even funny, like this infamous one!).
  6. Staying healthy, I'm constantly trying out new work outs, food finds, etc. I love to run and workout and this is always a topic of conversation to me.
  7. Recipes, if I try a great recipe, you know I'll be sharing it!
  8. Product Recommendations. When I try something and love it, I'll let you all know.
  9. Etc. I can't limit myself with just this list.