Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wedding Hair

A quick post tonight, as I'm more than ready to hit the hay after a day at work, followed by a tough, yet awesome, class at the gym after work.

Here is my current dilemma, wedding hair. Men, you can click away now, because I'm sure most of you have lost interest, and it's not going to get much better for the rest of the post. I'm trying to find the "perfect" hair do for our wedding this summer, trying to keep in mind a few factors:
  1. The weather, it could be hot and humid, or rainy and windy, as the wedding is in June
  2. Wearing a veil, I want to wear one
  3. I'm not big into Updos
  4. I am NOT wearing a tiara
  5. My dress is a bit busy the way it is
Here's the thing, I have everything, and I mean EVERYTHING about our wedding planned to a tee. I have the agenda typed out to the minute for toasts, cake cutting, first dance, etc., however, this key, vital part of the wedding, I can't wrap my hands around; and of course, it's driving me insane. Will I ever see that perfect picture of a hair do and go, "aha, there it is!"

In my mind I picture a perfect not too curly, but with some waves, half updo, with the veil stuck in back that can easily be removed for reception.

So, this is why I'm blogging about this, I want YOUR help. Comment with your ideas, and if I pick your idea, I will assist you as a day of planner for your next big event (Up to 8 hours of service) using my Events By Alexa skills free of charge. I can't wait to see your ideas, I'm counting on you all!!


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Jess said...

Honestly, my advice is to go with something as neat and controlled as possible. The LAST thing you will want to worry about on your wedding day is to fix your hair because it keeps falling down, curls are coming out, hair is going flat, etc. Take heat, nervousness and the fact that it has to stay for at least 12 hours and it could be a disaster. Personally, I started out wanting to go half-up, half-down too but then I did a trial run for my bridal shower and it looked awful after 3 hours. So for me, going with a simple, elegant, controlled style that I wouldn't have to worry about was best. A lower up do, or even to the side, where you can still see curls will hold up, but feel more sophisticated and not make you feel like your typical "prom" up do.

Just my opinion! : )



Anonymous said...

Love this look and think it would work well.


Alexa said...

Jess, you're so right! Thank you for the comments, when I went to my first fitting this weekend I picked some great accessories to go with a low updo, you win my services!!