Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sundays Random Thoughts

Happy Sunday folks. What a beautiful past couple of days it has been in the Twin Cities, those of you not in the Midwest may not know just how good 30 degree days, and seeing a little melted snow feels, but damn, does it feel good!! Yesterday I got in a fabulous four-mile run with some of my running group, as I begin to train for the Minneapolis Half-Marathon. The event is put on by Team Ortho, a group I volunteer for. They put on great races, as I ran their Monster Dash as my first half-marathon last October and the proceeds of the race go to improving Orthopedic Health and Research!

In wedding deals, if you're getting married in the next six to nine months, I suggest registering at Crate and Barrel. This morning my friend Kelsey and I attended one of their "Wedding Parties" where they serve a delicious breakfast (read, cocktails), let you have the place to yourself to register and ask questions. There are other Wedding Parties going on in the near future, so check them out. The highlight of these wedding parties is the free gift they give you before you leave, but I have to say, ours was disappointing! Two heart-shaped champagne flutes, pretty puke inducing if you're not a hearts person like me. The thing is, these would be great, heavy duty champagne flutes, but the things are shaped like hearts, who is going to use those?! Not that I should complain for my free gift, but Crate and Barrel has some great items, and these look like they pulled them out of 1980's stock. I'll be sticking to these Kate Spade ones I registered for. On a positive note, I am very glad I (ahem... WE) registered at Crate and Barrel, and like I said, highly recommend it. Gives your friends and family the option of buying just a few of something, (like glasses, plates, etc.) because they sell them individually, if they don't want to shell out the dough for a whole set on their own.

Went and watched the Golden Gophers dominate Indiana last night at The Barn on campus, great seats!! Shout out to Ben's cousin Patrick for getting us these great 5th row seats (pictured below).

Go Gophers!!

March Madness is fast approaching, and if you must know one thing about me (OK, you must know two things, the first thing is I HATE bananas... more about that later) I LOVE filling out brackets and winning other peoples money during March madness. If I don't win at least one pool a year, it's a very bad year. Once Selection Sunday arrives, I'll be sure to post my picks and keep you updated on my progress in each pool (whether you want to hear it or not).

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Coach B said...

Thanks for the Blog it is great you are awesome I am glad to see what you are doing 24-7

Alexa said...

Way to keep it creepy Dave, you're lucky I love your wife and son! ;)