Sunday, January 5, 2014

Soup Lady

Hello from 2014! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Austin and I spent most of ours sick with awful colds that turned out to be a sinus infection for me, and double ear infection for him. We also had quite an adventure traveling to Idaho before Christmas. We were in four airports in one day, and up for over 20+ hours, but we made it to our destination in one day in one piece!

On Our Last Flight of the Day, about 15 hours into traveling
The silver lining in our journey, was that during our layover in Minneapolis, we got to see Ben's cousin and her family, and enjoy some delicious Pizza Luce. Next to District of Pi, Pizza Luce is the best gluten free pizza (and other gluten free dishes as well) I've ever had.

We had a great time visiting Idaho, and Austin got to spend some quality time with his cousins, which is always fun! I loved having so many adults around, so I was able to go to the gym a few times, and Ben and I were able to go to a movie (American Hustle, it was good, but a little too long).

Since we've returned from vacation, I've been craving, and making a lot of, soup! Soup and chili I should say. Maybe it's the colder weather here (it is supposed to be Minnesota style cold here this week, I thought I had escaped this!).

These are the recipes I've been loving lately. They're great for making huge pots that warrant a bunch of leftovers for easy work lunches that week, or to freeze to mix it up in the future.

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