Monday, November 3, 2014

My Favorite Mac and Cheese(ish) Recipes and a Fall Update

This fall has flown by, and so has my maternity leave! I am back at work now, and enjoying my co-workers, and my time with the boys as well. It's a good balance.

Austin and Everett had a great Halloween. Austin resisted putting on his costume for my work Halloween party, but he put it on for trick or treating in our neighborhood, and loved it! He trick or treated for an hour and a half, taking a break in the middle so Ben and I could switch who went with him, and who stayed home to hand out candy and be with Everett. 

All the boys on Halloween--Cooper literally jumped in as I got ready to take the picture so he wouldn't be left out!

I've also picked back up in my running this fall, and finally think I found a great group to run with, with people my pace, and run intervals. It's so refreshing, and great to have a community of positive women to exercise with, and motivate me.

Austin also turned two the day I went back to work. I was sad to leave him on his birthday, but his dad was with him that day, and he really didn't understand it until the presents came out (and now he has told me that Santa brings presents, specifically, new trucks).

It's hard to believe this little man that is so full of personality is two years old! 

During maternity leave this summer and fall, I had Austin home with me full time as well. Austin is in a stage of very picky eating. We present him a lot of options, and sometimes he surprises us and tries new things, or takes a bite of fruits and vegetables (this week he ate a small stalk of broccoli, woo hoo!). His favorite foods include: carbs, carbs and MORE carbs--along with scrambled eggs.

That said, I've been trying to find some ways to mix up our Mac and Cheese recipes, because those are always a hit, and sneaky way to get some extra veggies or protein in Austin's diet.

I'm always up for trying new things, and would love to hear your favorite Macaroni and Cheese recipes, and here are a few of my favorites:

Iowa Girl Eats Lighter Buffalo Mac and Cheese
This recipe has a great zing to it, even if you don't add all the called for Franks Red Hot Sauce like I do for Austin's more sensitive pallet (and me not wanting to have too much spice while nursing, as it can affect Everett's belly as well).
Martha Stewart Lighter Macaroni and Cheese
I don't do the tomato part of this recipe, but this recipe was my first attempt at baked mac and cheese, and I love it. It's not an easy recipe, but it tastes great.
The Pioneer Woman Mac and Four Cheeses
The easiest mac and cheese if you shred the cheese a day ahead. I've easily found all these cheeses and Trader Joes for an affordable price. 
Kraft Chicken and Broccoli-Cheddar Skillet
I'm not a mayo fan, so I sub in sour cream here, but I love this recipe, and it's very fast for weeknights.

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