Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Goodbye to the Fast

It's been a bitter sweet day at our house. Today, Ben got a new car, a 2010 Volkswagen CC. It's a beautiful car, and I'm so excited to FINALLY have a car with four doors!!

However, it's bittersweet to say good bye to Ben's GTI. That little go cart pulled up in front of my little, single woman loving life apartment on Hennepin Avenue in 2007 before we went to Figlio on our first dinner date (and now Figlio is gone too!). It took us on the first of our many Dairy Queen runs before we were even "official" on a sticky June night; and of course, it was the car we brought home our dear sweet Cooper in from Elk River, check out the baby this past Christmas in his sweater from Aunt Kathleena:

I hate to say it, but last night as Ben cleaned out the GTI, or the "fast" as he calls it, I sat and cried, big alligator tears. I'm a sucker for memories and emotional garb like this, I cried when he moved out of his house where he lived when he first met. I cried when I crashed my first CR-V, not only for insurance crap I was about to deal with, but all the memories in that car. And last night, Ben quickly tried to comfort me as I cried (probably just to get me to stop sobbing) saying, "Well, this could be the car we bring our first baby home in." Man, did that sober me up fast. Baby?? Baby?? I know that I'm usually the one in our relationship who talks babies (I LOVE telling Ben we're going to have four girls, just to watch him squirm), but the reality of having a real, human, baby to take care of, and that I'm at an age where it's socially acceptable is well, scary!

Which brings me to another subject, I shouldn't be surprised with Ben's baby mention. As the wedding gets closer, everyone and their brother seems to want to know whats going on with my freaking cycle. "Are you going to try for kids right away??" "Well, you're going to start looking for a house after you get married to get ready for kids, right?" And now with Ben's new car purchase and leaving the two door car phase of his life behind, we're getting the "oooooohhh, getting a four door car now, huh??!?!" Oh my goodness people, LAY OFF!! Do you realize what you're asking me?? You're asking me how I'm going to plan out my sex life for the next few years, seriously?!!? What if we didn't want kids? What if (God forbid) we were unable to have them?? I don't know if I really get offended by these questions, just taken aback, because as I said, I'm not at the age where people would think anymore I'm "so young" to be having a baby (and neither is the impending 33 year-old I'm marrying). Hopefully, just by bringing this up though, I'll be saving some other soon to be newlyweds, or people who have been married for several years, from this awkward conversation.

So, long story short, we're not trying for kids right away, and when I am pregnant, I'll let you know, because currently, I'm not ready for this:

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Amy said...

HAHAHAA the first 2 years are the worst. you get that question.. and even worse, pressure... ALL the time. Family holidays? Yeah it happens there too. hahahaha