Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In the beginning...

I started a blog, AGAIN (read, college). Everyone has a blog now, everyone thinks that everyone else cares what they think, so here I am, part off the, "me, me, me, my parents told me I'm special," generation, creating a blog to document this "crazy" (it's really pretty average) life going on here. And here's what I can tell you about what this will all be about:
  1. This will NOT be a "I'm so domesticated, look we went to Applebees and put in a toilet, we're so happy being married (or soon to be) now" blog. However, we did put in a new toilet last year, and let me tell you, it runs great. According to the manufacturer it can take down 18 golf balls and still not plug, seriously, here is the video my fiancee used to convince me this expensive toilet was worth it, they throw a lot of crap (not real "crap") down it, check it out.
  2. There will be posts about my dog, he's adorable, get over it. (See included picture of him looking like an angel).
  3. I will talk about my wedding, and planning it, and how I love planning it, and what it takes to plan a fabulous wedding and not go completely broke.
  4. Starting my own business, slowly, but surely I'm rolling out Events by Alexa (shameless plug) with my fabulous webmaster Chris, he is a saint for working with me.
  5. I won't be talking about my day job, I spend enough of my life entranced in work speak, and I think it poor taste when people b*itch about their jobs on a public forum (there are so many facebook fails in reference to this, it's not even funny, like this infamous one!).
  6. Staying healthy, I'm constantly trying out new work outs, food finds, etc. I love to run and workout and this is always a topic of conversation to me.
  7. Recipes, if I try a great recipe, you know I'll be sharing it!
  8. Product Recommendations. When I try something and love it, I'll let you all know.
  9. Etc. I can't limit myself with just this list.


Tricia said...

sounds great! I'll be following along. :)

Alexa said...


Good to hear! I too discovered a love for running and am now hooked, I finished my first half last October and am signed up for another one this June. Looking forward to reading your blog as well.