Monday, February 22, 2010

Kiss Me, I'm Italian

I don't have a lick of Irish in me (I'm German and Italian), I'm marrying a man who's Irish, but he's also got every other nationality under the sun mixed in there too (he's a mutt, plain and simple), but every year around this time I get super excited for one Irish Tradition, McDonald's Shamrock Shake!! What?! That's not an Irish tradition you say?!?!? If American Capitalism makes it an Irish Tradition, than it is in my book! Just as much a tradition as dying the river in Chicago green every year-- The Shamrock Shake is as Irish as it gets for me.

Anyway, I went to try and have my first Shamrock Shake while browsing the Red Box for movies at the one McDonald's about a week ago when they told me they didn't have them yet, WHAT?!?! I had heard declarations made by many of my facebook friends who get just as equally psyched about the Shamrock shake that it was back in full force, I was beyond disappointed, and went home with my $1 Red Box DVD, but no minty green ice cream goodness. This weekend, I found a McDonald's that did have the Shamrock Shake back in force, and enjoyed it immensely (see picture below).


If you've never had a Shamrock Shake, I say, check it out, it's so yummy-- and only available for a limited time! (McDonalds, I'd like my cut now).

Now, if you know me, I'm currently trying to lose a few extra pounds, so enjoying these Shamrocks shakes like they're going out of style (because they are) won't help in this quest. In fact, according to a small Shamrock Shake (which I had) has 416 calories, oofda! So, I won't be consuming a Shamrock Shake multiple times a week up until St. Patty's day (which, I can't believe I ever did that in the first place, think before you eat woman!), but I will be enjoying them as an occasional treat and thanking the Irish for creating a holiday that brings out the best in Mint Ice Cream!

Now, if only the McRib was available at the same time as the Shamrock Shake, I would have every artery clogging delicacy right at my finger tips! (Yes, I seriously do enjoy the McRib, thank you over night photographers at KWQC for exposing me to it)

I guess you could say my current manicure is a touch of the Irish too, but there's Green in the Italian flag too!

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