Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Goals

Although the wedding has been a major job for me this summer, it's not the center of everything (are some of you shocked hearing that??). There are certain thinks I've been wanting to do, and want to accomplish this summer, some of them bigger than others, and in order to hold myself accountable and not look back and say, "why did I never get to that??" or "where did this summer go?" (OK, that's an inevitable thing I'll be saying) I'm putting it out there for you, my readers to know.

So here they are, my summer goals to accomplish before the Labor Day weekend is complete:
  • Paint Bathroom Orange and Redecorate Bathroom with Bright Theme
  • Redecorate Entry Way
  • Not spend too much money at Crate and Barrel doing said redecorating
  • Make a Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting from scratch (any good recipes to share?)
  • Eat at Manny's Tortas
  • Eat at the Loring Pasta Bar
  • Complete at least four 20+ mile runs (any good route suggestions in the area?)
  • Strength Train a least once a week
  • Go to at least two Twin Cities area water parks
  • Volunteer in my local community at least twice
I'll check back in with you and these goals the week after Labor Day (you may already know the answer to some of them, if I blog about such happenings!)

What are your goals? Any projects you want to accomplish? A garden you want to look perfect? A destination you want to travel to this summer? Or a race you want to finish?? If you comment with your summer goals, know that I'll be making sure to hold you accountable for them too!


Rebecca said...

Alton Brown's carrot cake recipe is great. Good luck!

Jake said...

I hope to stay sober enough this month to do a dinner prayer. After that I hope to go straight down hill and drink enough free libations to ruin a rental tux, as I usually do when I rent one. If there are any fountians that evening I hope to swim in them, but not get carpet burns on my face from doing gymnastics like I got after the last time I swam in a fountain, in my tux. How late is that pool open the night of the wedding anyway?? ONE JACK ALL JACK!

Amy said...

My mom has a fabulous carrot cake recipe. I will see if I can send it to you. I obviously cant eat it, being allergic to carrots, but before I developed the allergy, it was my fave and had it for my birthday EVERY year!