Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sex and the City 2 Thumbs Down

Thanks to all the people who left me such great comments on the Minneapolis Half Marathon, you've reminded me that I need to look at the positive, not the negative. I cut my time and finished a half marathon, I should be reveling in that!!

Monday Night I took a class at Whole Foods called "Health Starts Right Here" with Jen. She does a great recap of it, over here at Prior Fat Girl, so I'll send you that way to check out her review of the class. I will tell you, I thought all the foods we tried were delicious, and of course ended up leaving with $25 worth of new groceries, they totally got me, hook, line and sinker!

This past weekend I finally saw Sex and the City 2 with my college roommates; the four of us used to watch the show for hours on end when we lived together. I went into the movie with low expectations based on the trailers and I had seen and the reviews I had heard. My review? The movie was lame, just plain lame. Carrie spoke the whole time about needing a "sparkle" in her marriage with Big, that same "sparkle" was lacking in this movie.
We always knew that the lives of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha weren't all that realistic, but SATC 2 really jumped the shark. Charlotte- the stay at home mom with a full-time Nanny, Carrie- who buys her husband a Rolex for his birthday (Ben, don't expect more than a Fossil), Miranda- who is financially stable enough to just up and quit her job when she's treated poorly and Samantha's one liners that were once perfectly timed during the series, are now forced and seemed like drab Middle School humor from a 50+ woman.

The clothes were fantastic per usual, and the flashbacks of them in the 80's when the girls all first met were hilarious. The Big/Carrie story line with Aiden thrown in (although John Corbett looked so gooooooooood) is just getting so old. Another wrench thrown in their relationship? Puh-lease.

So, if you can't resist going to see the movie like I couldn't, just remember, it's not the same girls that made you go, "I've dealt with a guy just like that!" years back. Instead, you may tilt your head to the side like a confused dog and leave the movie saying, "huh?"

So, that's why I'll continue to fondly think of Sex and the City as it was during the HBO series, I think this clip sums it up well.

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