Thursday, June 10, 2010

A New Adventure in Desserts: French Macarons

This week, I decided I had to try French Macarons. I had been hearing so much about them, and I will admit that when I went to see Sex and the City 2 they were munching on them in Abu Dhabi and they looked beyond delicious (OK, so the movie got to me a little bit, just like the show did with cupcakes five years ago, oh how I love cupcakes)

Anyway, my friends had mentioned their love for them, so I decided I HAD to try them. And just my luck, on a lunchtime adventure with my co-worker Kim to look for a dress for my rehearsal dinner I walked by Cocoa and Fig in Gaviidae Commons on Nicollet Mall, and macarons were staring back at me from the display case. I decided to splurge and get them, I just HAD to. So, I tried one of each flavor, Salted Caramel and Pistachio.
These little delights served as the perfect afternoon treat. Each was light, and fluffy, but had this little bit of sticky, sugary consistency (nothing that would get on your hands) that made them extra sweet and delicious.
I'm not sure of the nutrition facts on these, but I'm sure it's not great. Luckily, they come in small portions.

I highly recommend you try these if you're by Cocoa and Fig, or if you have a favorite place that serves them, I'd love to hear about it (although, I need to make sure these stay a rare treat). I'm actually starting to think these may be a good favor for the wedding if I can pull it off without breaking the bank.

Has anyone ever made French Macarons before?? After this little adventure in trying them, I think it's time I whip up a batch!


Neenuh said...

Sweets Bakeshop in St. Paul sells 'em for $1 per mac. Some of my maids and family members went there for a tasting on Sunday and raved. I'm planning to have macs instead of cake for my wedding.

Alexa said...

Funny Tina!! I just called there tonight to talk to them about doing Macs for the favors at our wedding. =)

Samantha said...

I haven't tried the macaroons at Cocoa and Fig but I LOVE their cupcakes. I'll have to try them next time I go! :-)

Also, I haven't been yet, but I've heard the new Cake Eater Bakery has really good macaroons.

joanna said...

I looked up the nutrition info out of curiousity...not too bad. The two cookies are only 37 cal., 1g fat, no sat. fat...the cookies are essentially sugar, flour, and egg whites. The filling is what determines how much more fat and calories you add...on average a total macaron is about 140 cal, 6g fat.
They are very yummy, I agree. Have you attempted to make them yet?