Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Come Fly the Friendly Skies

Oh air travel... how I love thee and how I loath thee.

My fiancee is a travel FREAK, and I enjoy traveling, but not as much as he does. However, recently a friend of mine mentioned to me how her Dad had a terrible experience just a couple weeks back being jerked around by Delta. He is one of those guys who travels all the time, is the elite of the elite, and before they even boarded him every thing that could have been inconvenient for him, happened.

So, upon boarding his flight that particular day he flatly told the flight attendant, "I f*cking hate Delta." Oh man, the number of times I've wanted to say that! Like when NWA (now Delta) lost my luggage and sent it to Detroit instead of Baltimore a couple years ago. Or, just last month when Delta didn't have room for our checked luggage that we payed the fee for (but had plenty of room for the luggage of people who didn't check there's, but it couldn't fit in the over head bins), so they just didn't send it with and told us it would be there the next day. Oh airlines, if you didn't get me to such fabulous destinations in such a short time, I would be even more resentful.

Anyway, my point here, this story reminded me of this hilarious New York Times blog from a few years ago, check it out, and you'll know every scenario, because they've all happened to you, enjoy!

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Amanda, another priorfatgirl said...

hahahaaaa LOVED the NY Times blog post. i'm flying to mexico in a few weeks, and i immediately sent it to my flightmates :)