Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lucky Weekend

Here we are, another beautiful Sunday afternoon in Minnesota. Joe Mauer will be a Twin for eight more years, the sun is out, and the temperature is above 40, does it get much better??

This weekend Ben and I, along with some other folks from my usual running group ran the Team Ortho First Annual Lucky 7K as I had mentioned earlier in the race. This is, by far, the most fun race I've done. It was 4.5 miles on a different route through Northeast Minneapolis and concluded on the Stone Arch Bridge. Before the race, Cory, Katy, Wendy and I were ready to rock as we warmed up in the Guthrie!
The one thing I can say about yesterday's race, was that I completely over layered. I was SO hot that half way through I started stripping off layers. First the neck gator, then the hat, then the jacket all together. It was finding that delicate balance of how long could I stand being that hot, and how long could I stand being annoyed with my jacket and it's accessory stuffed pockets being tied around my waist. It was so windy from the river and the temps had dropped so much since mid-week last week, I thought I was dressed perfectly, wrong! I was deceived and my time ended up suffering because of over heating.

My hats off to all the ladies in the picture above though, Katy is faster than the rest of us, but ran back so we could all finish the race together, I can always count on Wendy to run with me and keep me going, and Cory is our constant mentor, always encouraging, and keeping our pace on track; she is everything a coach should be!

The best part of this race was the after party at the Kierans Irish Pub in Block E. First of all, the free beer coupons came in handy, but I'm not a post race beer drinker, so I had a Jameson and Ginger (i.e. the famous "Big Ginger") instead. =)
Another added bonus was the totally FREE buffet, Kierans was offering that we had no idea would be there. It was full of their yummiest menu items: Chicken Shots, Caesar Salad, French Fries, Spinach and Artichoke dip, Mashed Potatoes and Chicken Sliders, YUM!! So, pretty much, we all gained back the calories we ran off that morning, plus some. Check out Ben enjoying the mashed potatoes in the awesome Get Lucky sweatshirt we all got for finishing.

Also, this weekend, I had an exciting meet up with Cindy and Ann today about a new and exciting venture we're creating for people who want to enjoy the beautiful Twin Cities this coming summer. But this is just a tease, for details, tune into the blog later this week.

AND, if that wasn't enough to keep you coming back, there will also be a fabulous give away this week on the blog. My only clue is that I'm a huge fan of this product and hope you will be as excited as I am about it!


HP said...

I have been having fun following your blog so I thought I'd let you know! Wish I could've been there to run with you yesterday (and all the other days) but I had class.
Enjoy the beautiful weather and hopefully see you soon. ~Hannah

Amy said...

a giveaway?! thats sweet!!! I love the blog :-) you always make me laugh

Anonymous said...

It's totally going to be Pop guess is that the order was too much....way to pawn it off on your blog!! ;-)

Alexa said...

hmmmmm, your guess is wrong "anonymous," and next time you're going to be a little snarky, at least back it up with your name.

Sarah Howard said...

Sad I missed the race and I didn't get there in time to pick up my Ha. Glad you had fun!

Katy said...

A - Two words... taxidemy cats. Still laughin. Love the blog.

K said...

Glad you had a good time at the race! It was fun to put on! Thanks for joining us and telling people about Team Ortho Foundation!