Monday, March 22, 2010

Summer Time... And the Livin' Won't be Easy

No way will it be "easy!" We need to get our butts moving this summer.

As I teased yesterday, Ann, Cindy and I sat down yesterday to set up a great way for people of all athletic abilities to get active this summer, a walking group!

The group will meet the first and third Sundays of the month at 6:00 p.m. at a different lake around the Twin Cities. We want to emphasis that it's for walking, and a non-intimidating way for people of all exercise abilities to get moving and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. We also don't want to make this an over commitment thing, so come if you can, don't come if you can't, but know that these days you have people who want to walk around and get active with you!

Here is a tentative schedule:
May 2: Como Lake, St. Paul 1.5 Miles
May 16: Centennial Lakes Park, Edina 1.43 Miles
June 6: Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis 2.5 Miles
June 20: Shops at Arbor Lakes Man Made Lake (I need to get exact name) X2, Maple Grove 2.0 Miles
July 11: Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis 3.1 Miles
July 18: Lake Nokomis, Minneapolis, 3.5 Miles
Aug 1: Como Lake X2, St. Paul, 3.0 Miles
Aug 15: Lake Harriet, Minneapolis 2.8 Miles
Aug 29: Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis 3.1 Miles

We would love to wrap up the summer with all of us (or those who are interested) walking and/or jogging a 5K together over Labor Day weekend and have a cookout that day to celebrate our successes.

If this is something you would like to be a part of, check back at my blog every Thursday before the scheduled walk, to see exactly where we will be meeting at the alke. Out of respect for everyone's time, we will leave promptly at 6:10 p.m. (giving anyone time in case they get lost). Leave a comment if this is something you think you'd want to be a part of, the three of us would love to gauge the interest!

Hope you had a great Monday folks!


Tricia said...

good luck with the group!

Amanda, another priorfatgirl said...

i'd love to join your walking group! and the first one is less than a mile from my apt :)

Minnesota Mami said...

I'm totally in too! Sounds great, I love the inclusive-ness aspect of it...makes it work for people of all fitness levels and with varying schedules. I'm posting this info to my blog too...should be 'live' this Tuesday!

Holly @ Making Over Me

Alexa said...

Awesome Bloggy Mama!! You rock!! I will be re-posting this right before the first walk as well. Glad to know you'll be in, bring a friend. =)

Amanda, that's great! Can't wait to see you then (if not before).

Mary said...

I love this and am totally in! I may steal your schedule and see if any of my readers want in!

Suzi said...

What a great idea! I'll try to join as much as I can! :)

Becca said...

I would love to join! This sounds like a great way to exercise as well as meet new people! I won't be able to join until August as I will be in China before then, but count me in for the end of the summer!

Kelly said...

I just found your blog as I was asking Google Reader for recommendations for running blogs. And you're in the Cities! :) This sounds like a great group, and I'm interested in trying to make it to as many as I can.

We're working on trying to buy a house in Linden Hills, hoping to be moved in by the end of June, so the Lake Harriet one, I really have no excuse (other than travelling) to miss it!

I'm a walker (and former racewalker) who's regaining her walking stride (and determined to learn to run well enough to do a slow 5k), so this is an extra way to get in an easy workout and socialize at the end of my week.

Looking forward to meeting everyone. I've only read a few entries of the blog so far, but have already added it to the reader.... it's a great blog!