Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Enough H2O

I love pop. Call it what you want, Soda, Coke, Coka Light, I call it pop, and I am in love with it. I love the fizzy bubbles when they touch your lips ("It just tastes so good, once it hits your lips!"--thank you Frank the Tank), I love the different flavors, and I love that I can lap up all that goodness with zero calories. It seems like the perfect "treat" and caffeine pick me up... but I know better, and it's not. Lately, I've been going through a phase where I will throw down a pop (I call it Pop, get OVER it) twice a day, and have been consuming more pop than I do water-- not good!
My all time favorite, Cherry Coke Zero, mmmmm

We all know pop isn't "good" for you, from what I've read it can make you hold on to fat longer, and as an Acid Reflux sufferer, I know the carbonation isn't good for my already deteriorating esophagus. So, instead of reaching for a pop this morning (there is FREE pop at work, and lots of yummy flavors too), I grabbed a couple of these packets of Crystal Light.
The reason I usually reach for a pop first thing in the morning, is because I need something with a little flavor, I like that bit of sweetness to kick off the day. This morning, I tried these Crystal Light On The Go's out, and at 10 calories a pop, YUM! They're perfect and I drank a lot more water today-- and didn't even miss the caffeine (there are some days, I will miss the caffeine, and for those days the skim latte will come in handy, after all, that milk has good calcium!). I'm going to keep giving these Crystal Light things a try to up my H2O consumption. I also need to invest in a water bottle for work as well.

I'm not giving up pop completely, if I want it as a treat, or as the designated driver, or too avoid excessive liquid calories while out with friends, I will go for it; I'm just trying to not have it be a crutch in my every day diet. I know there are a lot of people who are self professed Diet Pop addicts so this post is for you as well, we can do it!!

UPDATE ON THE WATCH HUNT. I got such an amazing response to my last post (mainly people who posted comments on my facebook link,) and after researching, I have decided to go with the Garmin 305. I can do interval training, track mileage, and it is a heart rate monitor and can track my calories burned. BUT, as my future mother-in-law told me, "don't let the calorie counter make you feel entitled!" Boy is she right. Per the advice of another runner, I bought the watch off Amazon and got a great deal. Check out Amazon if you're in the market for one too!


eeeee said...
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Sarah Howard said...

I used to start out almost every single day with a Diet Coke. LOVED it. Now it's just a rare indulgence and was actually the first thing I gave up when I wanted to get healthy. The good news is yes, you'll get much more water!

Kelly said...

Now that I've found your blog, I'm catching up on older posts.

If you're willing to spend a little bit of money, I've found an option that has pretty much replaced cases of soda at our house.

We bought a Penguin carbonator from - they make several types of carbonation machines. I found out that what I really want when I have a soda is the bubbles!

So, I make my own carbonated water, and add my own flavoring. SodaStream also makes soda mixes (the diet pete's choice tastes just like Diet Dr. Pepper, even to my husband, who lives on the stuff!). Sometimes, I just add a splash of cranberry juice or something.

I don't have any affiliation with SodaStream, but am a very satisfied customer.

You can take your used carbonators to Williams-Sonoma and exchange them for new ones for $15. That might seem like a lot (we tend to go through 1 carbonator a month), but when I think of what I'm not spending on multiple cases of soda a week (and in not having to lug them from the car to my apartment), it's paid for itself already!