Thursday, March 25, 2010

How you like me now?

What a week! (again!) I'm in love with this beautiful spring weather. Had a great run around Lake Harriet last night with my pal Katy. Then, this morning I got SICK while getting ready for work. I thought I could get through it, but oh no, as soon as I got to work, I had to turn around and go home. I slept for most of today, ate bland food, and I'm happy to report I'm feeling better tonight. =) Phew! I can't stand having a sickness knock me out, I'm too busy to get sick!!

Holy great recipe alert! Straight from the kitchen of one of my favorite ladies to ever pick up a Spatula (Martha Stewart, naturally), I made this Lighter Macaroni and Cheese for dinner this week. YUM! I've tried a couple of other Lighter options for Mac & Cheese in the past, and haven't been impressed, but this one had be wanting seconds! I know this recipe isn't perfect, but if it satisfies my craving for cheesy, carby goodness without having me eat two days worth of fat and calories, I'm sold.

I changed up the recipe a little bit, since I don't own any Ramekins (LOVE that I'm registered for tons of cooking stuff for showers and the wedding, so I can have more fun items like that!), I baked the dish in my beautiful Martha Stewart brand (of course) Enameled Cast Iron hot dish pot from Macy's like this one:
I can't say enough about these pots. Totally worth the money (or watch for those Macy's coupons that are always floating around for a better deal). I have one in red, and we registered for another one in white because they come in so handy!

Anyway, I also didn't add the tomatoes on the bottom as suggested, because from the posts you've seen before, Ben has the pallet of a six year-old when it comes to vegetables, and these tomatoes wouldn't fly (and in all honesty, I'm not that much of a tomato fan either).

Annnnnd, in another substitution, I used these Rozini Healthy Harvest noodles instead of regular macaroni, I just see no point in using non-whole wheat pastas anymore.
Also, the title of this entry is dedicated to the creepy Kia commercial that's on right now with those over-sized toys, that monkey scares the crap out of me! When he's bowling, when he's getting that tattoo sewn on, WTF?!?! I would put a picture for reference, but I don't want the creepiness on my blog. Here's a link to the commercial on YouTube.

And, I know, you've been checking back for it all week, but tomorrow is the big Give Away!!


Sam said...

I love the KIA commercial! It's one of the few commercials I remember seeing.

And thanks for the recipe, i'll have to try it out one of these days!

Ann said...

You were sick Thursday?? I was sick Thursday!!! UGH!! Hope your stomach is feeling much better!!!