Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Athletic Clothing for Women: Do you get what you pay for??

First things first, we have TWO winners for the Larabar Giveaway, the winners are...

Kristine and Luther Liz!

Kristine said,
"I've never tried them, but I'm VERY interested in the lemon bar! I love all things lemon!"

Luther Liz said,
"And while I've never tried them I'm intrigued by Cashew Cookie and Ginger Snap"

Congratulations you two!! Remember, who ever contacts me first gets first dips on what six pack of Larabar's they want.

Here is my question today: what is difference between more expensive work out clothes, and cheaper ones?

I like to use dry fit material since it helps not take so much out of you and weigh you down when you sweat. But is there a difference between buying your clothes at a large retailer, or a specialty shop that handles just athletic clothing??

I buy a lot of my workout clothes from the C9 brand at Target. They seem to work well, but I don't know much different. As I stated in a former entry, I bought some Running Skort Capris from Skirt Sports from Gear running store in South Minneapolis. I am in LOVE with these skorts, they're comfortable, I never chafe, and they never ride up, perfect!

Lately, I've been hearing people sing a lot of praises for national brands Lululemon and Lucy for their running and workout gear. Both are opening new stores in the Twin Cities, and already have established locations around here as well. I've never tried either of their gear, I'd like to, but I don't want to make the investment without knowing, is it worth it?? I want to make sure I'm wearing the best gear possible as I train for the San Francisco Nike Womens Marathon, and have the best gear to get me through that hilly course.

So, is there an advantage to brands like these??? Isn't dry fit gear all the same? Have any of you tried out both high end, and value brand work out clothes? What is the difference? I'd love to hear from readers about their favorite brands, and what they think of brands like Lululemon and Lucy in comparison.

If you're a Biggest Loser fan, check this out, O'Neal Hampton (who is from the Twin Cities!!) was on our local NBC affiliate this morning to talk about his progress. He is looking GREAT! He can't say exactly how much weight he's lost because of the final show next week, but wow is he looking better than ever.
These before pictures of he and his daughter Sunshine are a testament to how far he's come! He and his daughter have such a great attitude, I'm happy with the way they represented our community.

I hit up a FIT class at Lifetime Fitness tonight with my pal Sarah who I went to college with. It was like our own episode of the Biggest Loser, holy crap did we get our butts kicked!


Mark D. said...

C9 rocks!! But then again, I might be a little biased... ;) Will be curious to see what your readers think!

Lauren said...

Old Lady --

For years some of my friends have been OBSESSED with Lulu, but I always thought it was ridiculous to buy such expensive work out clothes. However, I couldn't help myself one day and bought a pair of running tights...and they are awesome. I don't know how they do it, but they actually make my dump truck butt look perky. You just have to be mindful with the care, because they can pill in the dryer.

Love, Old lady

The Marketing Mama said...

oh no, where did my comment go? Please tell me it will magically appear later. :)

The Marketing Mama said...

shoot, it appears it got lost. And I spent a lot of time on it... sigh.

Here I go again:

I've bought most of my work out/running clothes from Target, too, other than shoes.

I can compare sports bras. The c9 one I bought from Target I thought was pretty good - untiL I got a NIKE one from Lady Foot Locker and OMG that thing is soooooooooo much better than the Target one as far as support goes.

With most things like this, I do believe that the higher priced items are better - so serious runners will probably only buy those. I think once you try the difference, you can't go back. Like I won't be buying sports bras at Target anymore. Ever. Usually the more expensive lines fit better, are made better, feel better, etc.

You seem pretty serious about running, you should totally invest in a couple of pieces and see what you think! :)

Mimi said...

I own a lot of C9 and think it is a great product for the price point. I also own a lot of Lucy and the Power pant is fabulous. I buy Lucy on sale when they change colors for the season and it is more that worth it at the sale price. I am a round person and the waistband does not roll. The seams are all super flat so no rubbing. Also you don't need to be to careful about the care of their items. They wash up great. I've yet to be able to justify the price of Lululemon items.

Alexa said...

Lauren, What are the pants called that you bought??

I think you're right Missy, I should invest in some higher end clothes, just gotta figure out what!! =)

Sarah Howard said...

As far as lululemon, I know that's geared more toward yoga, so I'd avoid that for running gear. I have heard good things about Lucy though. My favorite pair or running tights is surprisingly from Old Navy. Who woulda thought?

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I've always been a buy what is cheap kind of girl, because lets face it, I really cannot afford to be buying lulumon & lucy all the time and have never even considered it. That said, I did make a special shopping trip to Lucy on Monday with Meghan and am TOTALLY impressed with a pair of pants I got. But...I still struggle over the prices and don't think it'll be something I can afford to make a regular thing for my workout wardrobe. I think Mary, from Fit This, Girl! finds a lot of Lucy & Lulumon clothes at consignment stores. Maybe we should go with her?!

Meghan said...

I have found a lot of Lulu stuff at TJ max!
So jealous you went to FIT! I want to come next time ; )

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