Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope you are all enjoying a long weekend off--and for those of you not, thank you for working for us! ;) I love long weekends. I feel like I have time to get so much more accomplished, plus have fun, and then don't have to hurry back to work on Monday morning.

Next Sunday is the Minneapolis Half Marathon I've been prepping for, so yesterday I did an easy four mile run with Meghan, as not to over do it, and some strength training as well. From what I know about race weeks, I never strength training the week of a race, so I'm not sore or recovering come race day. Tomorrow I'll be doing six miles, and Thursday an easy two miles to keep my momentum up for the race, I can't wait!

Last night, fellow blogger Jen had a party at her new house and Ben and I were lucky enough to attend. Jen accomplished quite a feat by getting me to participate in Scattergories, as I am notoriously NOT a game person. But, I had a great time playing, as there was great company to be had, including Mary.
What a wonderful summer night to spend with wonderful friends!

I know people say it over and over again come Memorial Day, but seriously, take a moment tomorrow and remember why we have this day off to celebrate those who serve our country. Memorial Day was always a special holiday in our family growing up because my Grandpa Cal, my mom's dad, served as a Marine in World War II and was very proud of his service. Each year he would march in our city's Memorial Day Parade and then go to cemeteries to place flags on the graves of deceased veterans. Each year we would watch him march in the parade, I can't ever hear taps without thinking of him and how much he loved Memorial Day.


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

scattegories...wish we had played it! Catch phrase though - now THAT was hilarious! So glad Mary and you were there to explain the necklace thing. I feel so much more enlightened now!

Sarah Howard said...

Cute pic of you three! How fun!

To answer your run question, I don't have a belt and thought about getting one about halfway through this run! I just relied on water--I think that's why I was so drained. I think I'll be OK for now, but if I was considering training for a marathon, I'd for sure get one!

Oh and saw you want to run that hill! I might go again over lunch hour this week since I'm busy after work everyday this week. I could do Sat but might want to rest all day to prep? Let me know.