Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mastering Yo Yo's, Workouts and Summer Dresses

If you haven't seen this, you need to, this guy duped a bunch of TV stations in Wisconsin into letting him onto their morning shows claiming to be a "Yo Yo Master"

This is hilarious, I used to be a morning show producer, so I can commiserate with the random story pitch e-mails you get. When you produce that two hour (sometimes more) show, you need to find stuff to fill air time, but here's what I always did to fill time, I used REAL NEWS, so I never responded to the crazy e-mail offers like this that could get you in trouble. Anyway, watch the two clips, and get a laugh at this guys yo yo "skills." It's really funny how the anchors just go right along with it too.

Here's an article I came across today on common workout mistakes, and I think the one I related to most is thinking that 10 minutes isn't enough. For instance, yesterday morning, I HAD to get in my workout before work if it was going to happen. I knew I wouldn't have a ton of time, but I did the stair climber (which kicks my butt, as I've noted before) for 20 minutes and then really stretched well, because I need it from this half marathon training. Sure, it may not have been a lot, but it's better than nothing!

So, as the wedding gets closer, I'm pinching more and more pennies and trying to save money by not eating out as much, or finding cheaper ways of entertainment (like watching Fake Yo Yo Masters on the internet). However, I'm in love with a particular clothing item that's come out for this upcoming spring/summer: one shouldered dresses. SWOOOOOOOOOON. I want one soooooo bad, but I can't find an affordable one that doesn't look trashy. Check out this Green Yumi Kim one I saw in the May Issue of People Style Watch, isn't it perfect??
Yeah, it's $200 big ones, I wouldn't even pay that if I wasn't planning a wedding, I mean, it's cotton?? Anybody have good recommendations on getting one that's under $40 anywhere?? I checked the Len Outlet today in the City Center to no avail, maybe Heartbreaker in Uptown?? Anyone see one at any chain stores? Nordstrom and Macy's websites have me coming up empty.

Summer in Minnesota is short lived, so I don't like to spend a lot on summer clothes, but I also usually wear them for at least three or four summers because of that (going on my fourth summer with some handy H&M Cropped Cargo Pants thank you very much). I mean really, you're only wearing summer clothes on weekends, during the week it's either standard business casual for me, or workout clothes or PJ's after work.

Anyway, if you know of any good summer deals for clothes, comment about them! Who doesn't love to hear about deals?!?! We'll keep each other looking good with out lightening our wallets!

Annnnnd speaking of ways to save, tomorrow is another give away, so check back. But for now, Check out Cindy's Funky Monkey Give Away, I LOVE this stuff!!

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