Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Case FOR the Vikings

I grew up in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Yes, a stones throw away from Minnesota, but through and through I'm a Packer fan. Sure, the drive to Minneapolis was a lot closer, and more convenient, than a trek up the back road mid-state Highways to Green Bay, but it didn't matter, we grew up Packer fans.
Being that I'm a Packer fan, it's hard to say who I despise more, the Bears, or the Vikings. However, as a resident of the Twin Cities I'm here today to let the state legislature know, we need the Vikings here, I want them to stay, and we need your help to do it.

Now, before I go any further, I have to tell you all, I'm marrying a Vikings fan. Oh yes, a true Vikings fan. He bleeds purple and gold the same way I bleed green and gold. We've spent nights watching Packer/Viking games on separate TV's after a pass interference call didn't go one of our ways, or a the challenge flag reverses a call one of us disagrees with. I'll give him the silent treatment if he says the refs are favoring the Packers, right after I scream at him for being so ignorant.

Some of my friends and family back home may be gasping right now, "What?? siding with the Vikings?? That man finally got to you!!" No, I'll never trade my allegiance as a Packer Backer, however, I'm siding with the state of Minnesota, and the Twin Cities metropolitan area. We need a new stadium, we need it now, or Zygi and Co. are going to drag this team out of town and have them surfing out west. The Wilfs have NO allegiance to Minnesota, none, and they'll go where there's a new stadium, hungry fans and where the money is lookin' hot.
Besides, you think Mrs. Wilf would rather fly in on the private jet every home game to snowy Minnesota in November, or mild weathered L.A.? Hey, I love Minnesota too, but I'd pick an L.A. get away in the winter over Minnesota.

To the legislatures who don't want to give money to a new Vikings stadium, how are you going to make up for the lost jobs in hospitality and tourism in the area, how?? I'd love to hear your answers. We need those jobs, especially in today's economy, look at what Target Field has done for the warehouse district, a new Viking stadium, could do that and more. It could be a fixture of the NFL team and be a great place to hold NCAA Basketball Tournaments or other big events, just like the Metrodome used to be known for.

And why not put an extra 2.5% tax on hotels as currently proposed?? It's luxury tax, it's not like we're throwing the tax on gas (quiet down Pawlenty, we know, you didn't want that gas tax increase in the first place), milk, or as a true Wisconsinite, God forbid Cheese!! No, we're charging the people who want to visit this great area take advantage of our resources and tourism, and a lot of them want to attend Minnesota Viking games.

I'll step off my soap box right now, but think about it folks, close your eyes and think about Minnesota without professional football. Think about never seeing Packer fans reeling at Favre in Purple, or Randy Moss paying fines with, "straight cash homey," or that last minute pass in the 49ers game last season that brought the Twin Cities to it's feet.

Do not think about that horrible song Prince put out last year before the Vikings vs. Saints NFC Championship game, man that was bad, bad, bad.
Let's give the Vikings a chance here people, and give our hospitality industry a chance in the mid winter months (cause we know Timberwolves aren't bringing in a crowd). Contact your legislature by looking them up here and let them know you want the Vikings to stay in Minnesota, after all, as a Packer fan, it's just so much fun to watch them choke year after year!! ;)

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