Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Even squirrels hate A Rod

If you haven't noticed, I'm a pretty big Twins fan. Yes, a Wisconsin girl at heart, but our family was all into the Packers, so when I moved to this MLB town, I fell in love with the Twins on my first Dollar Dome Dog night after taking the #16 bus downtown from Territorial Hall.

Anyway, there is a Kestrel that has become infamous at the new Target Field, lovingly coined Kirby, for devouring a moth on camera.

Now check out this squirrel!

He's running around the field while Alex Rodriguez is at bat, and I think it's a sign, even mother nature hates A Rod!! Maybe he shouldn't go against nature and use performance enhancing drugs!

FYI: Not Actual Picture of Herbie ;)

Also, this squirrel, as of today called Herbie, now has his own Twitter account too! Give Herbie and Kirby both a follow.

If there's something you must really know about me, to really know me, and I mean like really know me, it's that I hate bananas. I may have mentioned this on the blog before, but seriously, I LOATH them. I cannot stand the smell, or even an inkling of the taste. I hate hearing the goosh of other people noshing away on them, because it reminds me of their gross texture.
I send smoothies back at Jamba Juice if they forget to exclude bananas like I asked, I can easily give up any sort of pastry if someone tells me a banana went into it, I've thrown out a whole bottle of Naked Juice (and that stuff ain't cheap) when I took a swig only to taste banana that was not revealed in the flavor description.

My co-workers who know of my disdain for bananas love to pull little pranks on me with them. Banana peels on my chair or replacing the head set of my phone with a banana. Last time I went out of town I came back to work to find my fiancee replaced by me embracing a banana in our engagement picture; I have to admit it, that was creative and funny!

I'm not sure why I hate them so much. My mom said she craved them throughout her whole pregnancy with me and ate them everyday, maybe I ODed as a fetus??

Anyway, this can be a challenge with all the healthy recipes I'm recommended, when they suggest bananas in every other recipe. I know how good they are for you, but I can't bring myself to eat them. I have only met one other person in my life who felt this way, and then she told me she could still eat banana bread, and I knew she still didn't despise bananas with the same reverence I do. Anyone else have a trigger food like this that they can't attempt to eat, or even smell? Anyone else not a banana fan?? If so, we should start a club, we're few and far between!


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

hahaha!!! I love the photo of you hugging a banana! your co-workers are great!

I love me some banana's so I'm not going to join your club.

Tony The Pink Panda said...

thats fortunate that you hate bananas, considering they are like the most calorie dense fruit ever. And I am impartial to Baseball and all of the tax money that went into building target field, but go Twins?

Jenna said...

haha That photo is hilarious! I'm sorry but I LOOOOOVE bananas. I ate two yesterday for a snack with Peanut Butter yum!...though I probably shoudn't have eaten two and should've lost the pb since I'm trying to loose weight...oh well.

Ruby Leigh said...

I like Bananas, but don't prefer them on their own as much. I mean I eat them that way, but I prefer them in a smoothy or bread.

However, I really hate mushrooms. Perhaps almost as much as you hate Bananas. There is really no way for people to fix mushrooms for me. - and I find these are also in a lot of "healthy" food/recipes too.