Sunday, May 2, 2010


What a nice weekend this has been, it's currently a lazy Sunday afternoon, and I love it. The man is watching the Twins, I just potted a beautiful plant and put it out on our deck and the grocery shopping it done, awesome.

I had my third and final wedding shower yesterday with Ben's side of the family hosted by his Aunt Amy and Cousin Annie, it was so much fun! Ben's mom flew out from Idaho and my mom came up from Wisconsin, it was so nice to have everyone together and for my mom to be able to meet the people I talk so much about before the wedding.

This morning, the half marathon training picked up again, and I did a nine mile run with my gal Wendy. I owe her big time, normally we run Saturdays, but because of the shower I couldn't, so she agreed to hold off and run with me today. I couldn't have done it without her, it's amazing how a little gabbing can help your run fly by!

Lately, I've been all about the breakfast foods, that's right brinner:
What's brinner you ask?? Well, this Scrubs episode could fill you in, or I could just tell you, it's breakfast for dinner.

I've been trying to keep my brinner healthier than Turk's bacon ice cream combination though. Like last Tuesday, I came home craaaaaving eggs after work, so I made up this little brinner number:
That's a whole wheat bagel thin (my new love), a reduced fat Philly Cream Cheese mini (so nice that these are portioned out for you), four egg whites with black beans and some reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese, YUM! This kept me full and satisfied my egg craving to the max.

Anybody else on a brinner kick right now? Or have any good breakfast food ideas that won't pack on the pounds??

Tonight the walking club kicks off at Lake Como, can't wait to see you all there!!

Also, tomorrow there will be fantastic give away coming to the blog, the best ever. Plus, it's something that can be for brinner, brunch, breakfast, snack, dessert, or anything! So check back. =)

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