Friday, May 7, 2010

A good read and a Vita Top Winner!

A friend sent me this article this week, she's a mid-twenty something like me, she's made a huge career shift (from news anchor, to now in school to be a Certified Nurse Practitioner, holy leap of faith and awesome)

Nearly all the women I know are stressing themselves sick over the pathological fear that they simply aren't doing enough with their lives.

When I saw that as the first line of this article, I was like, "um, hello, have we met?" It seems like all of my female friends seem to be asking themselves, "Am I doing what I should be doing with my life? Why don't I feel inspired? Is this really it?" And I'm no different, we're the generation where our parents told us we could be anything we wanted to be, and were always lifting us up, so when reality smacks you in the face post college, it can be a rude awakening. Sure, you can follow your dreams, but you have to eat and pay your bills too, and sometimes your dreams don't fill your bank account and you have to learn to balance them with real life.

This article is a bit hoaky, (it's by Oprah), because these "jobs" that the "women" in here have don't seem realistic to what most women I know are actually going through, i.e. they're not cube jobs, but give it a read and remember how awesome you are.

We have a winner for the big Vita Top give away is...

Thanks for the great recipe!! Leave me a comment and I'll grab your mailing address so the good people at Vita Tops can get the 20 piece sampler your way!

I'll have another great, healthy, give away in the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

Also, there is an awesome give away for runners, coffee drinkers and movie lovers (so pretty much everyone!) over at Julies blog that I just HAD to share, check it out.

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Sam said...

you literally just made my day!!!! mucho gracias chica. :)

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Thanks for the inspirational article too, you know exactly what us girls need and want.