Monday, August 2, 2010

Mad House

Direct quote from Ben last week, "We have to watch more 'Mad Men' tonight, it left me hanging, and I've been thinking about it all day."

Yes, this is my life right now, the 1960's advertising world has invaded our home, and there's no looking back.

It all started on the plane ride back from Hawaii, there were various options to watch on the little personal TV they give you, and there was one episode of 'Mad Men,' having never seen the show I figured, "why not give it a whirl? I've heard good things." I watched the episode, and with knowing little of the story line, thought it was great. (They also had an episode of my favorite show on TV right now, "The Good Wife" as an option, and even though I'd already seen it, I watched it anyway, that show is written very skillfully as well).

Then, two weeks ago, AMC was showing the best of season three episodes and I caught tid bits of them, and knew I had to start the series from the beginning.

One of my friends lent us the first two seasons, and we have been watching them in a trance ever since. Last Saturday night, we watched seven episodes, yes, seven.

If you haven't watched this show, check it out, the writing is superb. It speaks lengths about the general undertones of the 1960's United States living in the cold war era, where divorce was just starting to become part of reality, but not fully accepted, and the materialism that landed us in this current recession got it's start. If you're a history lover, like both of us are, you'll love this show for the historical references as well, and how they paint them into the story lines.
Watching this show reminds me of when I first started watching "The Sopranos" and was hooked. I am hoping, however, that "Mad Men" doesn't jump the shark in the same way "The Sopranos" did towards the end, throwing in random story lines and characters and never truly offering full resolve for many of these.

I'm a TV junkie, if you haven't noticed. =) I was completely taken off guard by the people in Journalism School who would proclaim they didn't watch TV, or own one, like it was a status symbol or something, (and, we were in Journalism school, for broadcasting, you expect to study a craft you don't even believe in yourself??)

Is there a TV show that completely captivates you?? With winter coming, I'd love to hear some recommendations. During winter, most weekends are spent either at the gym sweating to get warm, or at home watching TV or a movie, wrapped up in a blanket to stay warm. =)


Angela said...

Andy and I just finished season one...started season 2 last night. Out nightly routine is to watch mad men in bed until we fall asleep. Love it! He of course has to comment the entire time how I should be more like Bette.

Dez said...

I wasn't even aware of Mad Men until people on Twitter started talking about it last year. I immediately added it to my queue. Now after Season 3 I'm excited for the DVD set to come for Season 4 to Netflix.

MollyinMinn said...

Mad Men. All the way. Especially now that LOST is over. Mad Men is the one that keeps us watching.

Biz said...

10 years ago my husband and I got married in Naples, Florida. His dad had gotten season 1 of the Sopranos for Christmas, it was raining like cats and dogs - we watched that whole season IN A DAY!

I agree, the last few episodes sucked ass. I'll have to give Mad Men a try!

Boo - wordpress never lets me leave comments to blogspot!

Amanda said...

do you already watch dexter? if not, OH MY GOSH YOU NEED TO START NOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!!! seriously. amazing. season 4 comes out on dvd this month. start at the beginning and don't leave your house until you're finished. ok, that's not realistic, but you'll want to :)

manifest_destiny said...

HBO make a show a few years back called The Wire which is AMAZING. It is about police and drug dealers / criminals in general in Baltimore. I think you would like it--it takes 1 or 2 episodes to get into (there are a lot of characters to meet, etc).
When will you be in SF? Do you need a place to stay?
<3 noon