Monday, August 9, 2010

The Need For More Sleep

Bleh, that's how I feel right now, and it's all because of this Minnesota weather. Today was beyond balmy, or sticky. It was like the steam room at the gym, turned up so you can't catch your breath. I set my hair on hot rollers this morning and left the house with curls, it didn't take long for my hair to end up like this:
The headset I wear all day doesn't help matters, but the hair was a lost cause the minute I walked out the door.

So looking at this picture, and a lot of them lately, I've noticed that I look a lot more tired, down right exhausted, and it's not just because I ran out of under eye concealer, cause I usually only wear it for special-er occasions anyway, but it has to be my lack of sleep catching up to me.

Yes, work has been very busy, training as been busying, squeezing in physical therapy appointments for my hip, along with some volunteer work I do, and then spending time with my family of course. However, the truth of the matter is, I need eight hours of sleep, and lately that's been about a once a week occurrence.

When we returned from our honeymoon it became hard for me to go to bed at night because Hawaii is five hours behind, now I've just become used to staying until past 10PM, getting sucked into TMZ (because everyone needs to know who's getting divorced today in Hollywood!) and not turning the lights out until past eleven o'clock. Then, when my alarm clock rings at 6:15 a.m. I snooze, I snooze again, I cuddle with the dog to avoid getting out of bed and then when I HAVE to get out of bed I end up rushing around to make it to work on time.

This HAS to stop. It's obviously bad for my health by the way it's affecting my complexion, I hate having to rush in the morning (I used to always have time to take my dog for a nice 15 minute walk and have a bowl of cereal while catching up on morning headlines). Now, it's a short walk and sometimes grab breakfast to bring with me, or pick it up near work. This isn't fair to Cooper, and it's not good for my wallet.
So, I'm holding a sleep-ervention. I will be in bed by 9:30 p.m. each night. By in bed I mean, ready to sleep, lights out, maybe a little time to read or TV, but in bed ready to get in eight hours. I will update you, my lovely, hold me accountable readers, one week from now to let you know how it goes!


HP said...

you can do it Alexa! sleep is amazing and get it while you can. :)

Ann said...

Jay started setting his alarm on his phone for the same time each night (he picked 10pm) - we thought it was kinda funny at first, but it signals you that it's time for bed... and it actually helped get us both in the habit of going to bed earlier. Just pick a different tone than you wake up to!! :) Good luck!!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

I really am so much happier on the days when I'm in bed by 10am. Carlos does just fiinnneee on 5-6 hours of sleep. Nope. Not me. I'm w/ you!

Sarah Howard said...

I'm always in bed by 10 and do just a bit of reading. Gives me a nice 8 hours. My roommates make fun of me calling me "Grandma Howard" but, hey, I'm rested! Sleep is so wonderful. Making me tired just thinking about it! hah.