Monday, August 23, 2010

Time for the Mom Cut?

It seems like every girl I know gets married, and cuts their hair within a few months. It's like, once you've mastered the up do, you're ready to cut your hair, and here I am, in the same boat.

I can't necessarily say it was the wedding though that kept my hair long. I had had short hair at the beginning of college in the dorms.
(BTW, that's me on the left, in the infamous Territorial Hall, in case you can't recognize me)

Then let it grow long...

Then had it at a medium length for quite awhile, senior year and the year post college, going to random hair dressers between the Quad Cities and the Aveda Institute in the Twin Cities.

Looking back on these pictures, I detest this hair cut. Maybe it was the random stylists, but as soon as I moved back to the Twin Cities three years ago, I started growing out my hair as long as it could go, to avoid looking at another picture like this (I also started working out and watching what I eat more for the same reasons, looking at this picture, I can't believe how much I could let myself go!). And that's what scares me about cutting my hair, growing it out and having it look like this.

Right now, my hair pretty much looks like this:
The bottom line is, I'm getting sick of my long hair, maybe it's the humidity that has it never staying how I want it, maybe it's round brushing it day in and day out. But right now, this hair is driving me crazy!

My hairdresser put in some layers last month to try and liven it up, but now they're growing out, and I think it just looks gross.

Part of me thinks, maybe I should try a Brazilian Blow Out that I'm hearing so much about them to keep my hair long straight and somewhat maintenance free, have any of you tried those?

I have a few shorter hair cut ideas, but am just a plain chicken when it comes to hair cuts.

So, thank you readers for indulging me in this self-centered post, if anything, this has been a fun way to go back in time in pictures, and for you all to see me, if you just met me, in ways you haven't before!

Come to think of it, is such a first world problem, there are a lot of people with a lot bigger problems to deal with right now in their lives, I should be so lucky!


Anonymous said...

Great face, you should do something radically short for a change. Try a pixie.

Cindy said...

I love your hair long. I think if you go short, you should do something "edgy."