Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cookie Monster

Have you fallen in love lately? Because this week I fell in love with a cookie. And wouldn't you guess it, it's from on of my favorite leading ladies right now, Ms. Bethenny Frankel.

This weekend I decided to whip up her Oatmeal Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies. They're made with no white flour or sugar, so they're better for than a normal homemade or store bought cookie, according to Bethenny.

My cookies turned out different than the pictures on her website.
But let me tell you, they are delicious! They're very hearty as well, with the oats, the whole wheat flour and the kick of chocolate, they really do keep you full, and fulfill your sweet tooth.

I brought one in for my co-worker Jody and she agreed as well.
Even Ben is requesting these cookies in his lunch for work!

They were easy to make, and the measurements she gives you don't mean your slave to to the oven and multiple batches of cookies all night, my one batch fit perfectly on one sheet.
I can't wait to try more of her recipes!!

This weekend was a great one! I ran the Urban Wildland Half Marathon with Ben's cousin Annie, and it was such a great race. A nice flat course, and I did it as a training run for the San Francisco Women's Marathon, so I took it nice and slow, so my hips felt good (the free massages after the race also helped). We were lucky enough to run before the humidity hit Saturday afternoon, but did get soaked by rain starting about half way through. It felt nice, but by the end got old having water running down my face and my feet feeling like they had weights on them.

Today, one of my dear running pals, Katy, is moving to Denver, and I'm beyond sad. As most of you know, a great running partner is a true treasure to find. Someone who runs your pace, provides good conversation, keeps you going when you feel like you can't, and makes you accountable to meet for runs, even on the days you feel you can't. Katy is running the New York City Marathon this fall, and her and I had been training together, now we'll have to be training virtually. If it were not for Katy, I would have never been prepared for my first half marathon last fall, so it's only natural she provide the inspiration for my first full marathon. Therefore, this post is dedicated to you Katy, I'll be running San Fran for you!!

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Katy said...

Alexa - Few things...
- If were next to you, I would be giving you a big hug.
- I'm in desparate need of a cookie receipe as that will be my new job in Denver - sitting poolside eating cookies. So thank YOU!!
- YOU ARE THE BEST!! I'm going to miss you. Let's be honest, I already do.
- I'm so honored that you dedicated your post to me. :)

Sorry for the bullet point list. Just wanted to make sure I got them all out there. <3