Friday, July 9, 2010

Walking Club and Birthday Clubs

A reminder, I know we've been MIA for awhile, but Walking Club will meet this Sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. at Lake Calhoun. We'll meet by the Tin Fish Restaurant. There are bathrooms and a bubbler (drinking fountain) on the side of the Tin Fish where we will meet. Look for both Cindy and I! Per usual, we will leave at 6:10 p.m. If you've never walked Lake Calhoun, it's 3.1 miles, and has a great paved path, can't wait to see you there!

So, Tuesday I touched on the free burger coupon I had from Red Robin, because of their birthday club. I am a HUGE fan of e-mail clubs that send you coupons, especially the ones that give you free stuff on your birthday. I have a separate e-mail account, just for this kind of stuff.

So, I thought I would share with you my list of the best Foodie Birthday Club e-mail lists to get on, where you will get free goodies for you b-day. They may not all be the healthiest, but it's fun to splurge sometimes, especially when its free!

Birthday Clubs:
Noodles and Company
Famous Daves
Majors Sports Cafe
Einstein Brothers Bagels
Brueggers Bagels
Ben and Jerry's
Cold Stone Creamery
Red Robin

Know of any other good ones?? Let me know!

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Amy said...

Dairy Queen sends you a buy one get one free for your birthday :-)