Monday, July 19, 2010

He was Injured, Injured Bad

OK, I'm not "injured bad," but I'm not in tip top shape either, but I couldn't resist the chance to put up a link to this You Tube video as a reference to being injured. That little guy is so cute! Whatever firm came up with that ad, kudos to them!

Anyway, I went to the sports medicine doctor today for the pain I've been having in my right leg, and she told me that not only is my IT band tight, but the main cause of my problem is Hip Bursitis. She said this stems from my glute muscles not being strong enough, and this is common in runners.

This had me scratching my head, because I've seen "most runners" and I understand why they don't have a lot of glute muscles, they're twig skinny!! But, have we met?? I have a backside, not a baby got back or anything, but I've got some cushion for the pushin. Apparently, it isn't as toned as I need it to be though, so I'll be going to physical therapy once a week, and have to take it easy this week. This is frustrating, but better than having this happen two months from now when San Francisco is so close.

In brighter news, tomorrow I will have a fabulous and healthy giveaway for all of you, so keep your eye on the blog.


Tricia said...

Good luck with PT

Mary said...

Aw man, that stinks!! PT is magic though, you will come through and if you need a trainer to whip your butt (literally) into shape, you let me know! :)

Ruby Leigh said...

Does this mean no Torchlight 5K?

Joanie Raiche said...

I dealt with major shin splints a few months back and saw a physical therapist. He said the same thing about my glutes not being strong enough. He gave me a lot of exercises and helped me with my form and I haven't had any problems since...good luck!