Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do you speak Hipster?

So, Friday night when I ventured into Uptown for dinner, as noted in the past post, I decided to a do a little light shopping post meal. I headed to Juut for hair supplies and then decided to browse around Urban Outfitters. I've never been a huge fan of the store, but randomly I'll find cute things there on the sale rack.

Well, browsing the racks of "Urban," as the kids have short termed it, I saw this book, "I (heart) Your Style: How to Determine and Refine Your Personal Style."
Ummmmmmmm, what? Aren't the people (cough: hipsters) who shop at these types of stores, and hangout in Uptown supposed to be the independent thinkers?? So, you're telling me you worked for 20 minutes on that sloppy pony tail to look like you just rolled out of bed girl at Chino Latino sipping your $15 martini? You're not into Duran Duran, you just have the shirt because it looked vintage? What??

This book got my blood boiling a little, how about you just wear what you like, and don't wear what you don't like? If hipsters (there, I just said it with no reservations) are such non-conformists, why do they work so hard conforming to look different?? So, I started snapping pictures around Urban Outfitters, and taking note of the high price people will pay to look "shabby chic" (or oftentimes in my opinion, homeless).

For instance this outfit on the mannequin, who would wear this? A tank top over a button up shirt, buttoned to your neck. Separate, these could be cute pieces, but together, it looks ridiculous. Plus, a swift breeze could have both these items falling apart, let alone one trip through the washing machine, but someone would shell out $50+ for this??
OK, and this horse looks like a shirt Alan from the Hangover would wear if he was a girl.
Here's an outfit I actually like, but I wouldn't dare pay what they were charging.
Anyway, I get that for some people this is legitimately their style, but going to Uptown, and seeing these over priced threads, reminded me what some people will do to fit in, when all you really need to do is be yourself, and the people that matter, will love you for it.


Anonymous said...

Hipsters don't shop at Urban Outfitters. Rich suburban kids that want to look like hipsters shop there with Daddy's credit card.

Alexa said...

HAHAHAH, you are so right anonymous! I always had that same thought when I went to the Urban Outfitters on State Street in Madison, college students who got out of their small towns and still had their parent's money going wild.