Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Latest Food Finds

OK, well the kitchen is starting to get in better order, and all of our laundry and suitcases are put away, woo hoo!! I'm starting to feel much better about things around the house.

So, tonight, as I didn't want to make yet another mess in our kitchen, I asked Ben if we could hit up Red Robin. I had a coupon for a free burger there because of their birthday club (yes, along with getting married, I turned 27, yippee!). I knew Ben would eat the burger, but what would I have?? I spotted Ensenada Chicken Platter on the menu, and after looking up the nutrition facts on my phone, I was sold! You could reduce the chicken breast to just one (all I needed) and it weighed in at 727 calories, awesome! I have to admit, I did have some of Ben's bottomless fries that came with his burger though. =)

Another great food find I had heard about but never tried, is Cranberry Raisinets, Yu-HUM!!!
As you can see by the package, these are only 100 calories a pop, and they taste great! I've found them a bit hard to find (I found them at a Chevron in Hana, Hawaii, one of the most desolate hard to get to places on earth, but couldn't find them at Kwik Trip in Rochester, Minnesota earlier this week or Super America in Minneapolis). Next time I find them, I'll be sure to pick up a few packages to have on hand when a candy, sweet craving hits, they're TEN times better than regular Raisinets.

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Kelly @ Dream. Strive. Succeed. said...

Cranberry Raisinets? I'll totally keep my eyes out for them and pick up extras for you if I find them. :)

Also, how was Hana? We opted not to go there (choosing instead to have an amazing brunch at Charley's Restaurant and shopping at Indigo in Paia, before heading back to Kahului to meet our bus to Kapalua - and we highly recommend a trip to Paia!).

We told ourselves we'd go to Hana the next time we were in Maui.