Monday, July 26, 2010

Uptown Cafeteria Review & Funky Monkey Winner

Hi Friends, hope you all had a fantastic weekend and your week is starting off great. This past weekend I took a trip to a relatively new restaurant, the Uptown Cafeteria in Minneapolis. I went with my Journalism School pal Lindsay (who, coincidentally just like me, uses her degree for something completely different!)
I love catching up with Lindsay, we seem to always end up meeting up at fun restaurants for our "dates" as we've coined them and Uptown Cafeteria was no different. As you can probably guess, it's supposed to be like an old fashioned diner or cafeteria and has padded, very comfortable seats, lunch trays you can buy to take home (not sure why you would), and lots of interesting menu choices for breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner.

I have to say, Uptown Cafeteria was delicious, I wish I would have taken more pictures of our food. Here are our delicious drinks: a Raspberry Cosmo and a Blood Orange Mimosa, YUM!
For dinner we split the Grilled Chicken Lettuce Wraps and the Summer Veggies Pasta that came with squash, zucchini, red onions, mixed with olive oil and feta cheese, delicious!

But, the highlight of our meal was splitting the Red Velvet cake for dessert. Holy Moly, this was the best Red Velvet cake I've ever had in my life. At $9.95 a slice, it was huge and could easily feed a table of four. It came with strawberry ice cream, and fresh strawberries as well. It had thick cream cheese frosting, and the cake was wonderfully moist. I really wish I would have taken a picture of this beauty, but Lindsay and I were so entranced in gabbing, in between huge bites, that I completely forgot to pull out my camera.

In other news, I have a winner for the Funky Monkey give away! The winner is...


Demmi tweeted about the give away! Demmi, leave a comment with your e-mail address, or DM it to me on Twitter and we can exchange contact information.


Ruby Leigh said...

My experience with this the Uptown Cafeteria was so-so, but maybe it was because I forgot the red-velvet cake. LOL.

demmi said...

Yea I am the winner my email address is

Ann said...

Hey lady. I already sent Cindy a facebook message, but basically... I'm back. And I'm sorry for being such a flake the last few months. I blogged about everything.

I'm happy to see you are married and things are going well for you!! Excited to reconnect and prove I'm an awesome (and reliable) friend, and workout buddy, and I can't wait to hear more details about everything going on with you! Let me know about walking club, and if you wanna get together for coffee or lunch soon. :)


MollyinMinn said...

Never been there, but the pasta sounded great. It's long been on my list of places to try...

Ashley said...

Fun review! I am a former Mpls uptown girl who moved out to a farm 30 minutes away and I miss being in the know of all the cool new, restaurants! I'll have to get out one of these nights and check out that cake!

And I also am a former journalism schooler, who is doing nothing relevant with her degree...except blog! :)