Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Post Wedding Work

Hello Weekday Warriors, how is everyone fairing this week? I feel like things are just NUTS. Work is very busy right now, and so are things at home. I have a bridal shower for my college roommate Emily this weekend, plus, I want to hit up the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that starts Friday to get some staple items for work at a good price. If you've never been to this sale, it is AWESOME, however, things sell out fast, because of the high quality items at good prices, so I try to make it there in the first few days of the sale. You can check out the catalog for the sale, here.

Anyway, I know what you're thinking, how are you so busy now that your wedding is over?? Well, something no one tells you about the wedding process, is that afterward, you have a house full of gifts (which is AWESOME, by the way, thank you to all of our generous friends and family) that need organizing. So, I have been busy getting our condo in order with all the beautiful new items we have, and trying to clear out our den that one week ago you literally couldn't walk into because of the wall of gifts.

The best part about post wedding is not only not planning anymore like I mentioned previously, but using all the fun stuff you received and redecorating and organizing. Check out these hurricanes from Crate and Barrel with candles and pebbles to match (Thanks to Kerstin and Matt for this gift!)
Also, I love cooking with the new pots and pans (thanks Ben's aunts and uncles!), eating off new dishes (thanks Mom and Dad!), and using new kitchen gadgets (thanks to pretty much everyone!)

There are also quite a few other loose ends to take care of post wedding:
  1. Ordering and getting out Thank You cards
  2. Preserving your dress: will I bag it or box it?? And who knew it was this expensive??
  3. Changing my last name. This been a lot of work--my friend Molly was right, always have your marriage license with you for the first year of marriage, you never know when you'll need it. It has also been randomly emotional, actual conversation from yesterday:
Work Receptionist: Alexa, I have your name badge with your new name on it
Me: Great, let me grab that from you (get badge, stare at it for what seemed like forever)
Receptionist: OK, I just need your old one
Me: What?... Why?
Receptionist: Because you have your new one, with your correct name
Me: So... you're just going to take it? (voice starting to shake, eyes welling up) you're going to just take my maiden name one?
Receptionist: That's what we usually do
Me: Oh, well, OK... (tears starting roll down my face)
Receptionist: Why don't you just keep it, (starting to talk faster as I look more vulnerable) we don't really need it
Me: OK (proceed to me running to bathroom before anyone else sees me)

Yes, so one minute I can send in everything to the government to change my name and feel fine, but the next minute, I look at my new last name and loose it-- I don't get it?!?!

Anyway, I wanted to share one more wedding picture with all of you, of all of them we have seen from both our professional photographer (the lovely Jan Kentala) and from friends and family at the wedding, this is the favorite, I'm sure you'll see why. =)


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Um...you had a lot of things I wanted to comment on in your post but all I can think about is how I just wanna squeeze Cooper. OOOHHHH --- he looks so handsome!

Molly said...

Part of the reason I go by Molly Kentala Broman professionally: Identity loss doesn't feel as sharp and sudden! Guys have NO IDEA what changing your name is like, so don't bother talking to Ben about it :-) That's what your girlfriends are for! And thanks for the photo cred! <3

Neenuh said...

Right now I'm pumped to shed this gigantic, unwieldy surname and go with the delightfully one-syllable, spellable Graham (like the cracker!), but I'll probably get freaked out about the loss of my PP identity closer to the date.

I can't wait to send NinaGrahams! You know... like telegrams?

Nancy said...

No kidding about the name change -- I've been getting all my new credit/ATM cards, Social Security cards, etc., and I've been getting emotional over it all. Part of me wants to keep the old ones just for old times sake. Getting my new Social Security number was a pain (Chicago Ave. is under construction, plus you wait 40 minutes or so.) That said, I made Branden go with me to the DMV when I got my new license, just so he'd have to go through some of it and understand what a process it is.

And I'm also with ya on the dress preservation -- what?? It's HOW much?

Rad Runner said...

Conv. with Recep. Cutest thing I have read all day!

Tricia said...

lovely pic