Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are you there Blog? It's me, Alexa.

I've been MIA for nearly two weeks now, sorry loyal readers!

I'm coming to you right now, in a mad house of a home. I'm surrounded by wedding gifts that I started to put away, a half organized kitchen, and baskets of folded and unfolded laundry from our trip to Hawaii.

So, unless you're coming across this for the first time you know, on June 26th Ben and I got married, then the on June 28th we left for our honeymoon for a week in Hawaii. As much as a love you all, I wasn't going to pay the twenty cents a minute or whatever it was for internet at our hotel to blog while we were there, so I took the time off to just be a newlywed and have fun, sooooooooo glad I did!

Cliff notes version of the past two weeks:


And now I'm home, ready to tackle the routine again. As much as I love vacations, and had an amazing wedding, I am a creature of habit, and ready to hit the schedule again. Eating homemade meals, training for my marathon, hitting up yoga classes, and of course going to work!

People keep telling me that they missed wedding planning, who are these people?! I am SO relieved to not have to plan anymore for my wedding!! Although I love planning (and am day of coordinating for a former co-worker next June, yay!), I'm glad to have more of my normal life back.

Now, if only I could get my kitchen organized and my laundry put away...


Kelly @ Dream. Strive. Succeed said...

Congratulstions on your wedding! You look relieved in the wedding photo and very relaxed in the honeymoon photo.

I'm now wanting to go to Hawaii again. :)

Welcome back to the non-wedding-planning part of your life! :)

Anonymous said...

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