Monday, September 27, 2010

Risotto Ramba

Here's a quick post, with a quick recipe for you.

I have never attempted to make Risotto before, but these past few weeks, something had me itching too. Then, Leanne at Glorious Greens had this post with her basic risotto recipe and I was sold!

Here it was, a recipe for basic Risotto that didn't look too hard, so I figured I had to try it. After all, I'm part Italian, my natural instincts on making this dish would kick in if all else failed, right??

I had heard horror stories about the stirring and stirring that goes along with making risotto, so I was expecting torture, and although, yes, I had to stir a lot, it's not like my wrist started to cramp or anything.

Plus, the risotto turned out great, check it out!
It also made plenty of good leftovers for lunch for both Ben and I. Plus, it was a pretty cheap dish to make. Which got me wondering, how do restaurants get off charging $13.00+ a plate for this dish?? hmmmmm...

Ben was out of town this past weekend, so we're enjoying the night back together, but tomorrow, I'll fill you in on all the fun I had while he was away. =)


Kristina Joy said...

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Jenny said...

I've always wanted to make Risotto! Looks yummy:)