Sunday, September 19, 2010

For The Love of Food

What is one of my favorite things to update about?? FOOD! This week, I tried two new foods, that I had to share.

The first, the new Caribou Coffee Daybreaker Breakfast Sandwich. I got the Eggwhite and Turkey Bacon version, because it was the healthiest option, and sounded pretty tasty.

I was really skeptical going to get this sandwich last Monday, the only reason I got it was because my friend Joleen had told me how good they were, and I opted for a second press of the snooze button that day rather than making breakfast. I'm not a big fan of Caribou's coffee products, and have a strong allegiance to Starbucks.

I started off inspecting the sandwich before I took my first bite...

Looked pretty average... So then I took a bite.

YUM!! The sandwich tasted great. It wasn't "eggy" tasting at all, the bun was pleasantly warm, and soft, and the Spinach Florentine Spread they add to the sandwich added the perfect amount of flavor.

Like, I said, this was also a relatively healthy on the go breakfast option, check out the nutrition facts.

Especially compared to their oatmeals, who's terrible nutrition compared to making your own oatmeal completely shocked me; what do they do, load the toppings with sugar??

Anyway, if you're in a breakfast pinch, I highly recommend the Eggwhite and Turkey Bacon Daybreaker sandwich.

Next, this Friday I used a half day to run some errands, including a trip to Mall of America. While there I decided to check out what I heard was a self-serve yogurt place reminiscent of the love of my life while on my honeymoon in Maui, Yogurtland.

So, I walked into the place, called Freeziac, located at N375 near the food court at MOA and could feel that "ahhhhhhhh" noise that accompanies when the heavens part in movies, when I saw the multitude of self serve yogurt flavors awaiting me.

Oh Freeziac, you are exactly what I've been looking for. Sure, I've visited a lot of other frozen yogurt places that try hard in the area, but none that are self serve, NOTHING matches being able to make your own creation.

At Freeziac, you have one size cup, and you fill it with as much frozen yogurt (varying from tart to sweet flavors) toppings (fruits, candies, hot sauces) as you want. Then, you pay $.45 an ounce. (one cent cheaper than Yogurtland!). This is just a glimpse of part of the toppings area at Freeziac.
Their topping selection wasn't as much as Yogurtland, but still had a great selection, much better than any other place I've seen around here.

I got this mix of Vanilla and Cake Batter Yogurt, topped with Reeces Pieces, Caramel and Coconut. YUM!!
Now, if only they would put in one of these places in downtown Minneapolis I would be set... :)

**For the record, neither Caribou Coffee or Freeziac asked or endorsed me to write these reviews, I wrote them, because I thought you all should know.**


Missy said...

There's a Freeziac in Eden Prairie that I have fallen in love with. I haven't made it to the one at MOA yet!

Ann said...

Yum! That sandwitch sounds delicious!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I am the designer of the place. Thanks!
Believe me, I am trying to get the clients put one in DT or Uptown. I am always trying to find an excuse to go to the MOA so I can get some Freeziac.