Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Grown Up Christmas List

Because I am a person who loves Christmas (and the holiday season in general), and loves buying and receiving gifts, I'm going to be so self-indulgent (after gloating last week that I wasn't by not telling you all what I'm thankful for) and make my little perfect holiday wish list.

Are they hints for my husband and friends? Why yes, they are. Is this my way of feeling like a kid again looking at the JC Penny catalog? Why yes, it is. And, just maybe, it will help give you some ideas. So often as adults if we want something, we buy it, so that leaves us stumped when someone asks us what we're wishing for for a birthday or holiday.

Without further ado, here we go:

This infinite scarf from Nordstrom, I'm in love with it, and their Juniors Department is so reasonable at only $20

Gloves for my touch screen phone. Whoever thought of this is a genius, because I hate pulling my fingers out of my gloves at the bus stop to try and use my phone. They turn into icicles as I try to tweet, e-mail, text, etc.
Dry Fit Arm Warmers for Running, the ones I wore for the Nike Women's Marathon were an impromptu pair from Walgreens my friend Breck bought me, and they're all but spent after that race, so I'd love a dry fit pair that will last for the long hall for when the seasons are changing and running wardrobes have to be flexible.

An Apple Peeler, so that I don't end up spending many hours, nearly sacrificing my fingers each fall while I try to peel apples.

Of course, either of these adorable aprons from Anthropologie. They're so beautiful, and I know I would love to cook and bake in them, but I can't bring myself to spend $32 on an apron for myself.

Aveda Hand Relief. The best lotion ever. I always try to keep a big bottle on my nightstand, and a travel size bottle in my purse. It's the only way my hands survive Minnesota winters. It's not too greasy, but heavy duty enough to keep my hands, cuticles and nails moisturized.

I am also a huge proponent of Gift Cards. I know some people think they're lame gifts, but I love them. They help me cut down on my weekly coffee spend, they give me a big discount on a pair of shoes I otherwise may not have been able to afford, or they give Ben and I a nice way to go out to dinner and not blow all of our spending money.

So, there it is, my very self-indulgent list. I hope it got you thinking of what's on your list, so the next time someone asks you don't go, "hmmm, I don't know... anything really," and end up with a shirt you'll never wear, or a book you'll never read.


Tricia said...

great list!

I have Sugoi arm warmers that I LOVE

Meghan said...

good list, i love my running gloves w a finger thingy for ipods.
I just bought 2 really cheep infinite scarfs from heart breaker, maybe i shoulda added them to my christmas list...
and you made me want an apple peeler... gurrrr

Andrea said...

I heard that the Lulu Lemon arm warmers are fantastic!!

leashieloo said...

I love those infinity scarves! I just got one myself and I'm kind of obsessed.

Mary said...

Great list! Every year my old boss would buy me a travel size of the Avenda hand, foot cream and the lip balm. I think it was only 20.00 and it was SO nice to have, I still have some left from last year!

Ann said...

Love the list! We have the apple peeler and it's one of the greatest (and most simple) kitchen gadgets ever. Who would have thought?