Monday, December 20, 2010

The Fighter

This past weekend, Ben and I went to see the new movie out, The Fighter, it's based on the true story of two half-brothers, living in the Boston area training to be boxers. The older brother Dicky, played by Christian Bail, is the washed-up has been, who's addicted to crack and trains his younger brother Micky, played by Mark Wahlberg. The film also co-stars Amy Adams, of Drop Dead Gorgeous fame, as Micky's girlfriend, Charlene.

I'm not a fan of boxing, or professional fighting in any means, but I had heard the acting in this movie was superb, and it's more of a story about over coming obstacles, and letting nothing stand in your way, along with a unique family dynamic, and that's what led me to go see it. I often covered my eyes during the boxing scenes, as the sport is just too brutal for my taste.

The acting, however, did not disappoint. Mark Walhberg seemed to effortlessly play the character of Micky, and there are many articles out there right now, about how he fought to get into pristine physical shape for this role, and to get the movie made at all. Amy Adams is a foul-mouthed, no excuses woman, who lost her shot at an athletic or academic future, and now has put all her chips on Micky.

By far, the best acting came from Christian Bale though. It's obvious to see the physical changes he went through for this role, but the way that he can morph into the character of Dicky Eklund, is amazing. From watching him play Lori in Little Women, to Batman, and now this, it has been proven, he is an amazing actor.

Another great part of this movie, that you may not hear about from other critics, is that it's based in the 1990's and the fashion is freaking hilarious. Guess jean skirts, Body Suits, BAD hair, acid washed jeans, belly tops, etc. Some of it may have been more local with their Massachusetts neighborhood, but man, was that fun to watch as well.

I highly recommend going to see this movie, if you want great story line, great acting, and a movie that leaves you feeling as if you can over come just about anything, this is for you.

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Ruby Leigh said...

Oh... Christian Bale - I'm drooling already.