Friday, December 17, 2010

I have a confession to make...

I love fashion. Not just like fashion, LOVE it. Not those runway, crazy fashions that you could never actually wear in real life. But, the little trends, that make my day, and that I can wear functionally to work, or out to dinner with friends. I'm obsessed.

I've read that people who love shopping, love it because when they see a certain outfit, pair or shoes, piece of jewelery, etc. they envision a fantasy of what they'll do in that piece; how it will make their lives better, or a new version of themselves they can be with this new addition to their wardrobe. That is TOTALLY me.

Since getting married and combining finances, my husband has helped bring me back down to earth on the spending of "Keeping up with the Joneses" trends, and I actually appreciate it (sometimes). I've found so many fun things to do with the stuff in my closet I already have, fun new combinations, tops I've worn once that pulled out and accessorized feel brand new to me!

There are certain blogs I follow to keep up on their fashion: Much love, Lily and Economy of Style, to name a couple. And, don't be surprised if I see a picture on your blog, or your facebook page, of you wearing an item I like, if I e-mail and ask where you got it. Consider it a compliment when I'm sporting that same piece a week later. =)

Just this week I bought these Rocket Dog Boots:


And last week, I had to have this Banana Republic Dress (and I got it at 40% off to boot)

So, what's the point of this post? I feel like I haven't explained to you my readers, this big part of my life so far. How, a lot of times when I'm working out, it's because I want my clothes to look good and feel good on me (don't we all!?); it's a huge motivation for me to keep going. Yes, I want to be healthy, and live a long life and fitness along with healthy eating will help with that, but I want to look good doing it!

Just last week when I bought that dress pictured above from Banana Republic, I tweeted my joy afterward when I had to buy a smaller dress size instead of my normal one. Now, THAT is a great feeling! I read in the book Eating Thin for Life that people who realize that these bigger victories, like buying a smaller size, not feeling overweight, etc. more than the immediate gratification of eating unhealthy foods, are the ones who ultimately succeed in the weight game, and that theme has really rang true for me.

So, if you see me at Mall of America this weekend, know that I'll be Christmas shopping... but keeping my eye on the fashions for me as well (and as Carrie Bradshaw said, "shopping is my cardio!").


Sabrina said...

Wow! That is very true, and one of the BIG reasons I keep pushing on towards my weight loss goals.

Happy Shopping!

MommytoZoeandAva said...

I love this! You have said this so well - this is how I feel every time I put on something out of my closet and it's too big or if it's something that used to be too tight and now fits or is even too big now. I too want to be healthy and live a long life but looking good in my clothes is definitely awesome motivation to keep going and makes getting up at 5AM to workout before work totally worth it. Thanks for a great post! I am not quite as fashionable as you are - but I sure hope to be SOON!!!! Have a great weekend!

Ann said...

Love it!! I feel like I gain huge motivation from shopping and fitting in smaller clothes, too! Sometimes I get frustrated with the "in-between" sizes, but there is a HUGE satisfaction in fitting in (and LOVING) something you may not have a month or two months prior!! YAY!!! :)