Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cookie Swap!

On the theme of the holidays again, this past weekend I attended my friend Molly's annual Cookies and Cocktails party at her house. Each person brings a different recipe, and the ingredients and makes cookies, and we divide them up at the end and each go home with a bunch of different Christmas cookies!

As you can imagine, the temptations run high here, I'm a sugar freak, and I sampled a few of the cookies throughout the day.

All the baking gals making the yearly Corn Flake Wreaths

I made these Paradise Macaroons, courtesy of Mellisa at a Fit and Spicy Life. She raved about them on her blog, and I love coconut, so I had to try them, and they turned out great!

With my lovely macaroons

We also ordered Chinese food from Bill's Garden, the best Chinese Food place in Minneapolis in my opinion. The fried goodness of sweet and sour chicken, and cream cheese wontons kept me happy that afternoon as well. So, granted this, isn't a healthy get together, but it sure is a fun one, and worth every calorie!

Tomorrow, I'm heading out for a run, (to work off the damage I did at the cookie swap) as it's supposed to be a 30 degree+ heat wave with my pal Anne! Here her and I are freezing our butts off after a cold, and painful run around Lake Calhoun a few weeks back:

I feel like no matter what the cold weather running picture, my face looks like a big, round butter ball, especially compared to tiny Anne!

Tomorrow, I'm also attending an event that will name the Top Ten Titans in Social Media in the Twin Cities. If you need to add to your blog roll, check out the list of the nominees, and you'll be in love. All of these people have true talent, and I can't wait to celebrate it tomorrow!

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Tricia said...

hey girl-last week you left a comment asking where I got the sweater dress I wore in my bday dinner pics. The answer is the Kohls junior section :)