Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Painting and Boots

Hey Friends, Sorry for the lack of posts this week, it's been a busy one. In fact, we didn't even get time to celebrate Halloween this past weekend. We spent the whole weekend painting with my parents (i.e. Ben and my Dad painted) while my mom and I cleaned, organized, took stuff off and put it back on the wall, and made the meals for their hard work. Besides only picking up a paint brush once, the weekend was exhausting.

Ben Painting Away

I was in bed early every night, up early in the morning and got at least eight hours of sleep, but was just spent come Sunday night, so no Halloween celebrations here. Our condo is looking great though, so I'm soooo happy for my parents help!!

Although I've mentioned things about it a few times on twitter, I haven't told you all that I'm dragging around a lovely walking boot on my left foot these days. After the marathon, the inner side of my left food ballooned up and was in a lot of pain. I took my PT's advice, and iced and elevated it, but thought it was just a normal post marathon pain. Well, when all the other marathon pains went away, my foot still hurt, and I could see that it still didn't look exactly right.

Last week, I went into the doctor and they told me I have a stress reaction in my foot, basically, the start of a stress fracture. The bone hasn't fractured yet, but if I don't take care of it, it will. So, I'm wearing a lovely walking boot each day for the next few weeks, and I'm also doing alternative workouts like water jogging (again), yoga, and strength training that doesn't put stress on my foot.

Robo Boot

It's frustrating, because I love to be active, and was so looking forward to doing whatever I wanted post marathon as far as working out and not having a schedule for just running. But, I'm listening to my body, and have actually taken some rest days with no workout at all, and even tried to cut down on my walking around downtown during lunch to help my foot heal. I figure, the faster it heals, the faster I'll be back to hitting the pavement!


Sabrina said...

Those injuries are no fun!! I have had quite a few of them myself. Take it easy, and rest your foot! You will be back at it in no time!!

Becky said...

ouch! I hope you get feeling better. I'm glad you caught it before it actually fractured your bone! Take it easy and enjoy the swimming. You'll be back on your feet before you know it.

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

I just came across your blog but wanted to say that I hope your foot gets better soon. That does stink. At least you were able to care for it before it became more serious and it came after the race.

Good luck with the rest of the renovations!

Ann said...

I'm sorry about the boot, but hopefully it heals quickly!!!!