Monday, November 8, 2010

One to One Thousand

I noticed today I hit 1,000 pictures tagged of me on facebook, holy moly! I joined facebook in the fall of 2004, so roughly six years ago. I decided to take a look back at picture number one then, to see how it compares to number 1,000, and throw in number 500 for good measure.

Picture #1 Girls Night at Molly's Apartment Senior Year of College (me, top left), October 2005

Picture #500, My best friend Ashley's wedding shower at my parent's house, love this one! Spring 2009

Picture #1,000 with Kate-Madonna Hindes at this past weekend's Microsoft Store Opening Pre-Party, November 2010

My hair has gone back to being almost as short as it was in picture number one, and I've lost about 15ish pounds since that picture, and never wear short little turtle necks with jeans like that anymore as I had in epiphany one day (not sure when) that they're not flattering!

Also, the amount I probably drank as a "social" night of drinking during the night picture number one was taken, would probably send me into a an all day hangover the next day if I drank that much now (I'm not even sure how much I drank that night, I can just guarantee it).

Thanks for letting me indulge in this little trip through time readers. =)


Ruby Leigh said...

I joined fb in the fall of 2006.. no 1000 pics for me... yet.

Love the nostalgia.

Gracie said...

It's crazy how those Facebook pics add up, isn't it?!