Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cafe Maude Review

This week, I'm all about the food, since I'm literally stressed out not being able to workout as much with my stress reaction in my foot, I have some dinner dates set up, and some great meals planned out.

Granted, I'm still working out, swimming (which is so tiring by the way, I'm really starting to love it!), doing yoga and strength training, and this weekend I'm going to hit up a spin class for the first time in months (my butt is going to huurrrrrrt!). However, the good part about not being at the gym, or outside running as much (since it gets dark at 4:30 too, boo), is that I can spend more time in the kitchen after work and on weekends, yay!

Tonight, I went to Cafe Maude in South Minneapolis with my friend/cousin-in-law Annie. I've heard some great reviews, and was super excited!

The food here did not disappoint, we each started with a great glass of Pinto Grigio, and then got our main courses.

Annie had the Tuscan Rice and Cheddar Crouquets:

And I ate the Grilled Flat Bread with Seared Halloumi, Cilantro, Mint Yogurt and Cucumbers

We also split a side order of their fries with fondue cheese dipping sauce. I'm a huge ketchup fan, I didn't even miss it with the delicious cheese on the side!

We decided to splurge on dessert; Annie got the Hazelnut and Chocolate Torte and I got the Apple Cream Brulee.

To say these desserts were delicious would be an understatement; we were happy diners!

Currently, I'm also obsessing over these aprons from Anthropologie, they are so darn cute! Especially these two:

I think they're a fun way to spice up cooking and baking, and a great way to protect your clothes of course. The problem is, these cost about as much, or sometimes more, than what I would pay for the shirt I would be wearing underneath it, so for now, I'll pine at these beautiful items and add them to my Christmas list.

Do you have a favorite apron or kitchen accessory that gets you excited to cook and bake?


Kelly @ Dream. Strive. Succeed. said...

Cafe Maude is one of the go-to places that we take out-of-town guests when they visit us. (The other being Cafe Twenty-Eight in Linden Hills...)

As for kitchen accessories - A clean countertop/sink is usually what inspires me. I come home from work, go into the kitchen, empty the dishwasher, load it up, make the sink shine, and wipe down the countertops. The gleaming sink and countertops makes me want to bake something nearly instantly!

Clint said...

Pip is the best bartender in town!