Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's not you, it's me Starbucks.

It's no secret among most people who know me, I love Starbucks. Sure, there are other independent coffee houses I would feel better about supporting, and sometimes I go to them, but I think nobody does coffee like Starbucks. To get to the Starbucks near my work, I walk by two Caribou Coffee's, and a Dunn Brothers, but it's all worth it when that delicious latte is in between my hands.

Lately though, I've been trying to cut back on spending on little things like this that add up. For awhile, I had Starbucks gift cards to use from Christmas, so that helped with my addiction, but they were running out, and I need my morning caffeine, it's impossible to live without.

So, I tried the free office coffee, deplorable and disgusting. No creamer could make that crap edible. Trust me, I've done third shifts at TV stations and poured some extreme sludge down my throat, but I had to draw the line somewhere. Not only did this coffee taste bad, it made my stomach do back flips after drinking it.

I've done the morning can of pop (we have free pop at work as well), and it leaves me feeling like a bloated bubble, plus that much diet pop, is never good.

So, last week, I bit the bullet and bought this little guy:
The Mr. Coffee Four Cup Pot

Can I tell you how in love I am? It makes the perfect amount to fill up my travel mug, and add a dash of skim milk and Truvia. I've been brewing up Folgers Vanilla Biscotti blend, and it's absolutely wonderful. I love having the warm coffee in my mitts while standing at the bus stop and not having to waste 20 minutes going to get coffee at the beginning of the work day.

So, Starbucks, let me tell you, it's not that I'm just not that into you, I am, I SO am. I love your petite treats that make me feel OK for a small splurge, I love your delicious made to order lattes, but it just can't work out.

Did I mention the coupon that popped out of the automated coupon dispenser when I checked out with the new coffee maker at Target?

OK, so maybe just ONE more latte Starbucks...


Ruby Leigh said...

1) You shouldn't feel too bad -- Starbuck actually has a very good fair trade/ good labor la te da reputation. It's not my favorite, but to each their own.

2) Good for you for recognizing the latte factor.

3) I can not believe you didn't have a coffee maker!

4) Ever since I skipped my morning caribou routine in favor of my at home version - I couldn't be happier... I think I might even like it more but not sure.

Missy said...

I'm a Dunn Bros girl ;o)

I have that same coffee pot and love it. It fills my travel mug perfectly and makes for a wonderful morning beverage!!