Thursday, March 24, 2011

Every Reason Not to Run

I had every reason not to run last night.
  • My running clinic peeps all told me they couldn't make it
  • My friend who I made a running date with had to then stay late at work
  • My head was literally pounding and pulsating with a huge headache
  • It had just snowed, sleeted, rained, etc. buckets on the city, and the after wind of this storm was still pretty wicked in some spots
  • We had dinner plans at 7:30, so the run couldn't be that long anyway
But, with all these excuses, I knew I just had to get out and hit the pavement. So, I reluctantly pulled on my running tights, and put a pair of wind pants over them to deter the wind, strapped on my Garmin, cued up my iPod and took off.

I didn't go anywhere magical, just the nearby neighborhood streets, thought a change of scenery would be nice from the normal lake trail runs.

The neighborhoods were filled with people home from work, shoveling drive ways, some snow blowing. The streets were surprisingly pretty clear, and have little enough traffic that I could run right down the middle of them.

I sung along to my iPod at some points (noted: future post on my favorite current workout songs and to hear some of yours!) and waved hello to kids being put to work shoveling.

I came home 25 minutes and 2.16 miles later, and I felt rejuvenated. My head still pounded with my headache, but it didn't seem to resonate as bad as earlier. My body felt great, and I felt like I had just received the best post work mind clearing possible. I don't remember the last time I ran by myself just to run, and hear my own thoughts. Sometimes, you just NEED that.

So, I had every reason not to run, but I still did. It wasn't record breaking time, it wasn't a marathon of distance, but it made all the difference in my day.

Do you ever feel that exercise is like therapy to you? That even if you dread doing it, it can become the best release?


Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

Love this post! I've struggled the past 10 days with excuses but last night, I didn't give in! Tonight too - I'm getting activity in, like it or not!

Mary said...

That's awesome, way to go. 2.16 is all it takes sometimes to feel good and feel on track!! The reasons melt away once you start moving!

Ann said...

I totally agree! There are so many times I don't want to go, but I never regret how I feel afterwards! Thanks for being my running inspiration!!

Janelle said...

Excellent post! I can't wait to read about, contribute to and learn from the workout song post! I was just thinking I need to revamp my "workout playlist".

So impressed you ran with a headache. Perhaps I'll try it next time I get one.

Lindsay said...

Hi Alexa, my name is Lindsay, I sat by you at the Prior Fat Girl class in October, notsure iuf you remember me. You gave me your blog and I have enjoyed reading it, thank you!! You really inspired me about running, listening to you tell us about your marathon in California you did, you rock for doing that!! So I have been running. I just saw on your blog you are going to do th ehalf in Lacrosse on May 1st. I am signed up fopr that as well. I would love to meet up with you there or even run by ya. Thanks for the motivation!!

Alexa said...


Sounds great! Shoot me an e-mail at: and we'll talk more.

Thanks for the note!